Shadow Fight 2 All Characters

Welcome to the Shadow Fight 2 characters guide. Here you will know each and every character, its characteristics, and its role in the game. They are divided into different categories according to their role in the game.

Shadow Fight 2 All Characters

Shadow Fight 2 All Main Characters

The main characters of the Shadow Fight 2 game are discussed below.


Shadow is a great warrior and no one even dares to stand in front of him. He used to travel to different places in search of great battles. Once he discovered the Gates of Shadows He broke his elder’s law and opened the gates.

He didn’t know that there were demons of the other world. As the gate opened, the demons attacked him, tearing his flesh, and draining his soul turning him into a Shadow.

He is the game hero and so he has to fight with demons to get back its soul and close the gates of shadow to save the world from the destruction of powerful demons. If you are interested to know the characters of The Eminence in Shadow you can also check here.



Sensei is one of the main characters in SF2. This character is playable in Old Wounds. Old Wounds is a game mode available in Special Edition which tells the story of Sensei when he was young. Sensei is the first character in the game who was assigned a written speaking role.

He gives tutorials in the game like controlling, enchanting equipment, and also Eclipse mode. He also indicates the players when they level up. In the first six acts, he also describes the rules of challenges and duels. Sensei has great knowledge and also advises Shadow against his opponent.



May is also one of the main characters of the Shadow Fight 2 MOD game. She met Shadow in Act 1, after defeating the Shin. Talking about her appearance, she is one of the two characters in the game who has eyeballs. The color of her eyes is light green. She has orange hair that bangs in the front.

May is a cute and kind lady, especially for the Shadow and she is brave, as well as an intelligent character, especially in weapons. This was her original personality but she was seized by Titan and her personality was completely changed. But in the end, after defeating her, Shadow got her back on his side.


May & Shadow

When May met Shadow, She introduced herself as the local armor and weapon expert of Act 1 town. She insisted Shadow take her with him on his mission and promised him that with her support, he would not have to worry about the maintenance of his weapons. 

As they reach the Gate of Shadows, Sensei informs them that only someone with flesh and bones can seal the gate. After Sensei and Sly’s rejection to close the gate, May volunteered. As she was doing so, a powerful wind rushed and dragged her inside the gate, and the gates closed. 

To save May, Shadow has to fight all six demons to break the seal of gates and open them again and he does so. After she was grabbed by Titan, He named her Justice. Justice was the pure Evil form of May, Just like Titan. As she was controlled by him.

Titan had controlled her mind and even her eyes were turned completely white like demons. She wears blue technological armor and appears in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 as a mini-boss.

There are many other games available that are similar to Shadow Fight 2 but SF2 has an edge because of its unique character styles, powerful demons, and the story behind it.


Sly is a character in Shadow Fight 2. In the beginning, he is a spiteful merchant who takes advantage without knowing the victims. He uses them for his benefit. He met Shadow, Sensei, and May in Act 2 and tried to double-cross them to get their money. Sly often gets caught by the people with whom he had cheated and expects Shadow, Sensei, and May to protect him from them.

Sly makes his first deal after Buffalo, Hermit’s second bodyguard. He offers Shadow to reveal Hermit’s secret power to Shadow for 450 coins. If you accept his offer, he takes money and disappears without giving any information.

Then in Act 3 he again appears and blames Shadow. He blamed Shadow for destroying his business. As Shadow fights Hermit and after that, everyone comes to know his special power, So Sly is not able to cheat more people. At the end of Act 3 Sly leaves on a boat. He took them along with him.


Act 4

Reaching the harbor, where Act 4 starts, Sly told them that this harbor was ruled by the Pirate King. A mysterious power made him disappear and now his daughter Wasp has succeeded him. Now her crew members are against her and decided to rebel against her. They made a group named New Blood and Sly took advantage of their conflict and provide weapons to New Blood.

In Act 5 Sly got bewitched and buys expensive gifts to impress her. Her hold over him would release if Shadow defeats the Witch. So Shadow successfully did this and saved him.

Sly also introduced a new currency known as Platinum Coins. When May gets caught in the Gate of Shadows, Sly refused to go inside with them and gets away Thanking them and saying that it was an honor traveling with them.


Kali is also one of the main characters in Act 7. She was a replacement for Sly. She helps Shadow with weapons, money, and other things. Kali appeared when Shadow was trapped by Shroud. As Shadow was too weak for Shroud, Kali came into the fight and fights Shroud allowing Shadow to escape. She also helped Shadow to defeat Titan.

During Shadow’s fight against Shroud, Shadow got hit and his health dropped to very low. Kali immediately appears in the fight and hit Shroud with her Energy Ball to Stun him which gives Shadow a chance to escape and win the fight.



Cypher is a genius old man who is trapped in the Shadow World for a long time but after meeting Shadow he joined him in Act 7.

He is the replacement for Sensei’s role. He describes challenges and duets to the players and informs them each time they level up.

After 15 stages of the Hideout tournament, Cypher asked Shadow for a friendly fight to test his powers. He used Telescopic Staf as his main weapon and Landmines as ranged weapons.

  • One is Stone Grove Challange which was described by Ancient and the Second is Spaceship Challange which was explained by Kali. 
  • Cypher has a vast knowledge of fighting techniques and even helped Shadow to defeat Titan.


Ancient also met the Shadow team in Act 7. He was the last member of his species. Their species has strong Willpower. Before Titan made his mark on Shadow World, the land was occupied by the Ancient race.

When Titan came, he used his power and make them slaves. But he was unable to change their will as they had strong willpower. Ancient was the only one who survived to escape from Titan’s trap.

Cypher builds Cronos, a humanoid Robot to track Ancient to defeat them. Cronos found him but got out of control from Cypher, So didn’t tell him about Ancient. The story of Ancient is divided into three chapters.


Chapter 1

When Sensei defeats Prince, Ancient appears but stopped the flow of time. Its presence caused instability in the Gates of Shadows. Sensei asked many questions but Ancient just replied that he will get all his answers one day. He made Sensei to fall asleep and when he woke up he forgot everything.

Chapter 2

After finding Ancient’s location through Crono’s memory chip, Shadow and Kali move toward Stone Grove searching for him. They killed Shroud instead of those who threatened Shadow.

After that Ancient reveals his real face saying that he can change his appearance. Kali introduced Shadow as a warrior who had come to defeat Titan, but Ancient didn’t believe that Shadow is capable of it. He called a meeting of soldiers who were against Titan.

They were all confident but later on when Ancient met him again, they all were on the Titan’s side. Ancient sent a ghost to Shadow to check his abilities. Shadow defeated all the ghosts. Then Ancient admitted that Shadow is also a powerful warrior.

Shroud was also taught by Ancient and he thought that Shroud can kill Titan but Titan make him a slave. Ancient was also surprised that Shadow defeated Shroud. Kali then asked Ancient if he trusts Shadow now. Ancient replied that he had not believed in anything for a long time and asked them to leave.

Chapter 3

In Chapter 3 Ancient appears to save Shadow from Titan. He stopped the flow of time, so Shadow can escape and have another chance. Later on Ancient left the Stone of Grove to fight his wars.


When shadow broke the Laws of The Elders and opens the gate of shadows 7 demons get escaped which are described below:


Eternals are powerful species that have lived for thousands of years. They aimed to destroy the world after the Gate of Shadows was opened. There are a total of ten Eternals described below.

Bodyguards (Shadow Fight 2 Characters)

Each demon has five bodyguards which are fighters and the shadow has to fight with them before fighting with the boss respectively.

Act I: Hero RebAct II: Secret Pathorn

In this act the demon is lynx and his five bodyguards are as follows:

Act II: Secret Path

Hermit is the boss of the secret path and his bodyguards are as follows:

Act III: Trail of Blood

Trial of Blood boss is the butcher and his bodyguards are as follows:

Act IV: Pirate Throne

Wasp is the boss in this act and his bodyguards are shown below and the shadow has to fight with them respectively:

Act V: The Greatest Temptation

Widow is the boss of act 5 and her bodyguards are as follows:

Act VI: Iron Reign

In iron reign the boss is the shogun and his bodyguards are as follows:

Act VII: Revelation

In Revelation, the boss is TItan which is the most powerful boss and his bodyguards are as follows:


General’s mercenaries were appointed to find and put to death Shadow and his allies. There are a total of five mercenaries shown below:


Challengers are skilled fighters with great power. They have heard of Shadow and wanted to challenge him to test his skills and abilities to see if they have heard right about him or not.

There is a total of seven challengers shown below:


You can fight Ninjas in Duels or Survival Battles from Act 1 to Act 6. Ascension Ninjas are those whom you fight in Ascension. There is a total of 47 Ninjas in Shadow Fight 2. For getting some extra enhancements and powers to defeat your opponents use SF2 cheat codes which help you in power-ups and unlocking some premium pieces of equipment.


Fighters are the opponents that you will fight in different tournaments or challenges. There is a total of 64 fighters in Shadow Fight 2.

Old Wounds

The characters who appear during Sensei’s story are known as old wounds there are total of eleven old wounds which are listed below:

Hideout Champions

These 5 heroes found themselves stuck after Titan raided their worlds and ruled over their Worlds are the Hideout Champions.

Factory Inhabitants

These 6 factory inhabitants have robbed their campus and are as follows:

Ghosts of the Stone Grove

The 8 Champions that claimed to fight Titan but failed to beat him:

Titan’s Army

The army which is built by titan to conquer the world is as follows:


Scavengers are the prisoners that Titan used for his experiments.

Special Enemies

These are the characters, the shadow has to fight during events.

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