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Shadow Fighter 2 MOD APK (Shadow & ninja)

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App NameShadow Fighter 2 MOD APK
Size55 MB
Latest Version1.26.1
PlatformsPlay Store
PublisherTOH Games
Requires Android4.1 and up
  • Weapons/Equipments: Sacred staff, holy spells, and protective gear.
  • The thundering sound of hooves and clashing weapons.
  • Unlock characters and equipment by watching promotional videos.
  • A holy cleric with divine powers.
  • A powerful knight riding a majestic horse into battle.


Shadow Fighter 2 is a new role-playing game that was launched worldwide by TOH Games. With a track record of success goods, the second version of Shadow Fighter is expected to deliver a positive experience. This is a great action game with a wonderful combat experience set in a stunning and unique world. It’s a role-playing game in which you take on the role of a hero whose mission is to battle all of the dark forces.

This game offers players exciting adventures and incredible battles against nasty creatures in many locales. You’ll meet five distinct characters in this game ninjas, a horse, and a witch. Each character has its own set of powers and skills.

Select your best character and defeat all of the opponents. It’s a level-based game, and as you go through the levels, you’ll fight more powerful and ferocious enemies, who appear in groups. You’ll also have to confront a dangerous and strong monster boss after every five levels, and beating him won’t be easy. To beat them, you need unique talents, strengths, and plans.



The battle scenes in Shadow Fighter 2 shadow & ninja fighting games are similar to those in the original game, including scrolling screens. However, this game offers more flexibility by enabling players to use up to 7 distinct talents during the game. Instead of operating a single character, players will now select a team of three heroes to complete the game’s built-in demanding tasks.

To assemble the most powerful squad, you must mix the heroes’ skill features. Players will confront several adversaries at each level, and all of them are ready to kill your character at any moment. Show a high level of poise to avoid the opponent’s assaults and cast the appropriate skills to destroy them in a split second.


Shadow Fighter 2 Mod Apk Features

Choosing the hero character

Players will play heroes with different skills, with you as the ultimate hero faced with saving the planet from a monster attack. Join the battle by selecting one of five distinct hero characters. That’s three ninjas, two-horse knights, and a cleric. Shadow fighter two is a heroine with similar skills as Shadow Fighter. However, the power at the start of the game is enough to get through many stages, therefore you must enhance it day by day.

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Simple Control

Shadow Fighter 2’s controls are similarly rather simple to construct, with movement through the famous virtual button and skill buttons on the right side of the screen. As a result, players will quickly become adjusted to the controls of this game after their first engagement. Moreover, the game has an Auto mode that allows players to avoid modifying the game while still experiencing the combat in its entirety.

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2D Graphics

The graphical quality of this game is incredible, and it has magnificent 2D pictures. The characters are wonderful, and the opponents are massive and appear to be really scary. All of the venues are built around a dark theme that is both attractive and eye-catching.

150 Levels of Game Battle

Shadow Fighter 2 is full of surprises that you won’t be able to resist. Each hard encounter comes after the last, with little chance to relax or recover in between. When it comes to many interesting conflicts, this is both a plus and a disadvantage. To pass, players must complete hundreds of difficult combat, comparable to more than 150 recognized levels. When you’re up against so many barriers, don’t give up.

Final Bosses

The player can only manage one character in a standard fight scenario and can switch between the other two characters at any moment. All three characters will arrive at the same time in the final Boss battle sequence. You must thus maintain control of all three if they are not to be readily destroyed. This requires the player to maintain a high level of focus in order to decide which character he is handling in combat.

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Unlocked Characters & Shadow Fighter 2 weapons

If you fulfill side missions in Shadow Fighter 2 or view a promotional ad, you’ll have the chance to acquire five hero characters. Don’t miss out on these easy advantages that need little work on your part. While viewing the video, you can even unlock more complex weapons. With only a few swipes, you may expand your arsenal or shop for new gear and weapons. Before you begin the battles, make sure you have enough equipment.

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How to Download & Install Shadow Fighter 2 on Android?

Following these simple steps:

  1. Download the latest version of Shadow Fighter 2 (MOD & APK) free to this website.
  2. After Downloading the APK file, you can click on the Install Button and installation will start.  
  3. After the installation is complete, the game’s sign will display on the main screen.
  4. Touch this icon to begin playing the game right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this game safe to install?

Yes, this game is fully legal and secure. Our website has the most recent version available.

Is it offline?

Yes, you can play Shadow Fighter 2 online and offline.


Shadow Fighter 2 MOD APK is the sequel of Shadow Fighter MOD APK and is a fascinating game that may keep gamers entertained from the first moment they play it. During the game, players will not be required to perform much effort. To win the game, simply destroy all of the opponents on the map. Also, you can grow via fights and pass the time with the built-in short tasks.

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