Strategies to Defeat Hermit in Shadow Fight 2

Hermit is undoubtedly one of the toughest bosses in the game. In comparison to all other demon enemies in SF2, he is incredibly difficult due to his protracted, intricate, and devastating attacks, highly potent boss ability, and sophisticated magic spells.

The only boss that could match his level of difficulty is Wasp and Titan. But don’t worry after reading this article you will be able to defeat the Hermit.

Hermit Bodyguards have two sabers. There are several differences between the assaults of the Sabers and those of the Sais and Stilettos. Hermit employs the three and four Acts advanced Lightning Arrow and Water Ball spells, respectively.

Hermit is famous due to its unique power of creating a powerful lightning storm which he use to rise himself up in the air. And then immerse himself in an electric blue aura. Except for his infamous Needles, which are hurled in sets of three, his ranged weapons are quite simple to avoid.

how to defeat hermit in shadow fight 2

Types of equipments needed to Kickout Hermit

Recommended types of equipment to fight with Hermit:

  • Steel nunchaku
  • Chainmail Armor
  • Bronze Coque Helmet
  • Kunai. 

How to Defeat Hermit in Shadow Fight 2?

  • Hermit’s lethal boss ability is initiated when he begins to spin. The best thing you can do is prevent him from starting the lightning storm in the first place because it is very difficult to get him to stop casting lightning bolts once he is floating.
  • The charm of Hermit is frightening. Consequently, you want to reserve your ranged weapons for when he just started casting a spell. That will stop his spells, which will spare you a tonne of life and possibly the entire round.
  • Hermit makes quick assaults from a medium to a long range. He attacks you nonstop but doesn’t panic and become aggressive because keep in mind that the hermit won’t hesitate to use crazy-style combat to get your life.
  • Hermit usually waits until your hero initiates movement. Ranged weapons are nothing new because Lynx disclosed them in the first Act; so, Hermit isn’t hesitant to employ them at the beginning of the round.
  • So, Back up and fling a long-range weapon at him. If you are nearby when he starts the storm, you will be instantly hit by lightning and knocked to the ground.
  • Your persona is followed by Hermit’s storm. You lose a lot of health if you get struck by the lightning.
  • The only way to stop him is to kick him or utilize high-impact attacks while jumping high.
  • If you want to avoid being hit by needles, you can either duck as they are being thrown, while they are still close together and have a limited range or when they are far apart so you can squeeze between the needles.
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Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the most effective weapon against a hermit?

Steel Nunchaku is the preferred weaponry for hermit combat. You can use a simple or a medium formula to enhance this weapon to improve your odds of success.

What is the secret of the hermit in Shadow Fight 2?

There is no secret there but only a way to make you feel lost. Hermit’s second bodyguard offers you that he reveal hermit’s secret so you can defeat him easily if you pay him 450 coins. But he will disappear without telling you anything.

What is the most powerful weapon of the Hermit?

The most powerful and dangerous attack of the hermit is his magic.


The only thing you need to do to beat the hermit is the return to eclipse mode and defeat the lynx, for which you will receive claws with the time bomb enchantment. After that, you can buy Chainmail, Kunai, and upgrade it to level 12. After that, you are ready to fight with the Hermit. After hermit, you have to defeat another stronger boss butcher so get ready for unlimited fighting.