Shadow Fighter: Fighting Games MOD APK Free for Android

Shadow Fighter MOD APK

Download the Shadow Fighter MOD APK for your Android device and enjoy the below-modded features for free.

  • Mega MENU
  • One hit kill
  • Unlimited Money, everything
  • Max level 99
  • Reward 10.000 exp
  • Unlimited skill
  • God mode
  • Reward 500.000 gold
  • High Reward
  • Unlock all characters

App NameShadow Fighter MOD APK
Size48 MB
Latest Version1.59.1
PublisherTOH Games
Android Requirements4.4 and up
Play Store
  1. Dynamic Visuals:
    • Immerse yourself in the game’s ultimate HD graphics, showcasing vibrant colors that bring the shadow fight to life.
    • Experience astonishing sound effects that enhance the overall gaming atmosphere, making it a visually and aurally engaging experience.
  2. Unmatched Variety:
    • Explore a superior gaming experience with five distinct shadow fight heroes, each offering a unique playstyle and abilities.
    • Challenge your skills with three diverse sword game modes, ranging from normal to extremely hard, ensuring a range of difficulties for players of all levels.
  3. Addictive Gameplay:
    • Indulge in mind-relaxing yet addictive warzone and fighting games, offering a perfect balance between casual play and competitive engagement.
    • Enjoy over 50 meticulously designed fighting game levels, providing a continuous stream of challenges and entertainment.
  4. Weapons Galore:
    • Discover an extensive array of shadow fighter weapons and warzone equipment, allowing for diverse strategies and gameplay styles.
    • Unleash thrilling ninja game attacks on zombies, adding an extra layer of excitement and variety to your shadow fight adventures.
  5. Specialized Experience:
    • Delight in a special shadow fight and warzone killing experience, combining strategic depth with an immersive gaming environment.
    • Navigate through simple and smooth yet highly competitive shadow fighter gameplay, ensuring an accessible but challenging experience for players.
  6. Training and Progression:
    • Watch your character grow stronger as the more you engage in ninja games, earning bigger bonuses and enhancing your skills.
    • Train yourself to quickly adapt and develop sword game intelligence skills, providing a satisfying sense of progression.
  7. Multilingual Support:
    • Enjoy the game in your preferred language with multilingual support, including English, Italian, French, Spanish, Korean, Dutch, Russian, German, Polish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and more.
    • Enhance accessibility and connect with a diverse gaming community on a global scale through this inclusive feature.
  8. Versatility in Entertainment:
    • Switch between amazing ninja game characters designed to appeal to both kids and adults, ensuring a broad demographic can find enjoyment in the game.
    • Stay engaged for hours without monotony, as the game promises endless entertainment through its captivating shadow fighter and warzone experiences.
  9. RPG Mastery:
    • Embark on the best RPG and ninja games experience, with limitless fun and the ability to unlock additional ninja games levels.
    • Become a powerful ninja warrior, mastering the intricacies of RPG elements integrated seamlessly into the sword games.
  10. Challenging Battles:
    • Engage in challenging shadow fights within the warzone, participating in battles that require skill, strategy, and quick reflexes.
    • Rise to the top as a shadow fight champion by defeating formidable opponents in PVP, warzone, and sword game battles.


Shadow Fighter is a free action game from TOH Games that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This game will be a treasure for people who appreciate fast-paced action. The app’s free edition includes advertisements and in-app purchases. Shadow Fighter is a fast and powerful game that combines sword fighting, RPG, and ninja techniques. Ninja, Sword, RPG, and Fighting Games in Shadow Fighter.

It’s an amazing and superior PVP to all other RPG and trip games. Shadow Struggle will take you on a journey via sword video game sequences, as well as RPG and ninja video game adventures. Shadow Fighter toy features a harsh and deadly universe as well as other fantastic mechanisms to keep players entertained during endless furious fights.

It also offers additional exciting features, such as different biomes and monsters, as well as several upgrading methods, to fully immerse players in the game. To progress to the next level, you must combat terrifying enemies with a variety of talents. As you progress up the level ladder, the difficulty will rapidly grow. Also, check its sequel Shadow Fighter 2 Ninja Games MOD APK.

Unlimited Everything


Shadow Fighter is a rapid-action game with a versatile control system that gives the player complete control over the fighter. The controls are also very flexible and responsive; the motions tab is on the left, and the attack tab is on the right; the combat tab features eight attacks that you may rapidly unlock. The fluidity of the controls and the rapid and accurate motions of your characters will absolutely appeal to you.

Shadow Fighter MOD APK Features

2D’s Animations

Although the animations in this game are 2D, they have been expertly developed, not to mention the crystal clear quality. The sharper image of Shadow Fighter includes a strong color contrast, making the game appear stylish and trendy.

This game has a highly unique style that you won’t find in many other games. The visual and auditory effects are spectacular and eye-catching. The game plays well on all types of devices without losing graphical quality.

shadow fighter 2 online

Chose your favorite Character

In the game, you may pick from five distinct characters. Each character has a unique set of abilities, equipment, and combat style. Each character has a strong upgrading system and may be separated into several branches, allowing users to construct their own unique skills or fighting mechanics. Also, the character classes will lead to a variety of unique weaponry, providing players with additional opportunities to fully develop everything.

Simple Control Keys

This game features the most user-friendly key control. You can rapidly climb, run, and punch someone. It makes no difference which way you want to go in this game it will offer you the option, and you can simply execute that physical thing with the controls.

shadow fighter toy

Game Rewards

Shadow Fighter will offer a variety of rewards as well as an excellent opportunity for personal growth through special events and challenges. They’re all constructed differently than standard stages, and they’re frequently timed to allow players to demonstrate their greatest combat skills. Even with intense battles amongst players, the awards are considerable, and dependent on the player’s talent and development.

Characters unlocked and Shadow Fighter weapons

You can get five hero characters if you complete side objectives in Shadow Fighter or Shadow Fighter 2 watch a promotional video. Don’t lose out on these simple benefits that require very little effort on your side.

You may even unlock more powerful weapons while watching the movie. You can add to your arsenal or shop for new gear and weapons with only a few swipes. Make sure you have enough equipment before you start fighting.

Game Levels

Shadow Fighter is not a game to be played for a few minutes, it has over 150 levels. At every level, you must battle various enemies. Every level introduces new difficulties and objectives, as well as new monsters.

To gain various gifts, you must battle the monsters and complete the challenges. The plot and role play in the game have numerous layers. There will also be various awards at each level.

Real-time Game World

Through real-time arenas and dangerous fight opponents, the game will improve every player’s combat performance. Shadow Fighter also includes real-time arenas where you may fight deadly enemies in real-time alongside other players. In this arena, you may use all of your attacks to combat the large scary monsters. And, of course, you’ll gain fantastic rewards that will help you go further in this dangerous environment.

Real-time Game World

Unlimited everything & Money

In the mod version, Shadow Fighter cheats, you will have access to everything, including one-hit kills and unlimited powers. Also, Multiple vehicles, infinite gems/diamonds, more Shadow Fighter 2 weapons, highly compressed, unlimited max level, and free cash are all included in this Mod APK.

Can I play Shadow Fighter Mod offline?

Yes, you can play this game offline and online, both modes are available for the players.

Is this MOD safe to download?

Yes, this game is checked through different virus detector tools and is completely free.


Shadow Fighter game online is a unique combination of sword fighting, ninja combat, and role-playing games that action fans will love. With its fast-paced and exciting action, this game will have you in the right place. You may enjoy endless action and pleasure with the mod version.

The game features outstanding visuals, unlimited gems/diamonds, additional weaponry, a fully compressed game engine, an unlimited maximum level, and much more. Shadow Fighter: Sword, Ninja, RPG, and Fighting Games Mod Apk for Android is now available for download.

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