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Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK - RPG fighting

App NameShadow Fight 3 MOD APK
Size186 MB
Latest Version1.34.0
CategoryGames/Computer & Video Games/Video Game Mods & Add-Ons
DeveloperiLogos Europe
Android Requirements5.0 and up
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Download the latest version of Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK, a modified third-party application of the original Shadow Fight 3 – RPG Fighting game. This allows you to enjoy all premium game resources for free on your Android, PC, or computer, as well as on your iOS device. Below are the modded features of this action and role-playing game mobile app.

  • Unlimited Everything, Crystals
  • MAX levels 52 and 99
  • Offline Mode
  • Mod Menu
  • All weapons and magic unlocked
  • Unlimited Money, Gold, Gems, Coins, Diamonds (999,999)
  • Infinite Shadow Energy
  • No Ads
  • No Root
  • Free Shopping
  • Full unlocked
  • Titan mode
  • Monk Set Hack
  • One Hit Kill
  • All Bosses Ability
  • Magic Unlocked
  • Master duel
  • Best Set

This is an offline game, so you don’t have to worry about bans. Feel free to play as much as you want and defeat your enemies without even engaging with them physically or taking any specific actions!

How to Play Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK?

This installment of the Shadow Fight series stands out with its unique approach to RPG-style games. Here, you have the freedom to choose your own fighting style, allowing you to embark on your journey as a professional martial arts warrior.

Dive into Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK and build an epic squad with black ninjas, knights, and samurai. Explore different worlds, kick some mysterious attacker butt, and save the entire universe – casual Tuesday, right? As the hero, you score cool skins, taunts, and gear by duking it out with friends and foes online.

Time-travel across funky worlds, collecting RPG goodies and enjoying a splash of color that’s more vibrant than a rainbow on steroids. It’s not just about battles; it’s a journey, my friend! Want to dive into the world of Shadow Fight 3 to become a skilled shadow fighter? Great choice! Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  • First things first, download and install the game on your device. Once it’s all set, hit that open button.
    • If you have previously installed Shadow Fight 3 uninstall it.
    • Download the SF 3 MOD APK file from here.
    • Go to your device Settings > Privacy > Turn on the 3rd Party App installation permission option.
    • Go to the downloaded APK file and click on it.
    • Done!
  • Now, if you’re the ‘I want to keep my progress’ type, sign up or log in – your call.
  • Don’t skip the tutorial! It’s like the game’s personal guide to combat, weapons, and all those cool martial arts moves. Master it, and you’re on your way to ninja stardom.
  • Time to pick your favorite Shadow character – and hey, you can switch it up every time you dive into the game. Variety is the spice of virtual life!
  • Head to the world map for missions, quests, and epic battles. It’s like your own gaming adventure map.
  • Here’s a pro tip: Mix and match moves to find killer combos. Surprise your enemies with powerful attacks and special moves – it’s all about the strategy.
  • Gear up! Collect new weapons and armor. And seriously, don’t forget to give them an upgrade. Your character will thank you later.
  • Now, the golden rule – practice! The more you play, the smoother you’ll handle your character and the fancier your fighting techniques become. So, get in there and show ’em what you’ve got!”

Shadow Fight 3 MOD Features

  • Lots of equipment: Gear up, my friend! We’re talking hats, armor, swords – you name it. And the best part? Everything’s upgradeable. So, suit up and level up to match your rival’s skills.
  • Different game modes: Now, let’s talk game modes – we’ve got Chapters, Events, Duel, Match, Mission, and PVP. Each comes with its own set of rewards and capabilities. It’s a journey, though. You’ll have to tackle them all to reach your gaming destination.
  • Unmatchable visuals: Get ready for a visual treat – we’re talking realistic 3D graphics, physics that feel real, and animations that are modern and unique.
  • Unique fighting styles: Want to be a versatile fighter? Learn different fighting styles to tackle enemies from every corner of the shadow world. It’s like a global martial arts expedition!
  • Shop thousands of fighting items: Head to the shop – it’s a treasure trove. Special offers, money, and Dark tickets – take your pick!.
  • Be a traveler warrior: Your journey spans the world, meeting all sorts of characters and enemies. It’s not just a game; it’s an adventure.
  • Uncountable Rewards: Complete hundreds of quests to level up and boost your power. Because in this world, power matters.
  • Fight, Fight, and Fight Again: And if you’re eyeing that leaderboard, get ready to throw down with the strongest fighters out there. It’s not just a game; it’s a climb to the top!

Free Purchases

Alright, gear enthusiasts, listen up! If you’re eyeing those top-notch weapons, armor, and magic, you might want to consider snagging yourself a pack of gems. Now, I know, they come at different prices, some even on the higher side, but these gems? They’re your ticket to customizing your player, cranking up your character level, and giving your weapons that extra oomph.

Now, here’s a little secret sauce – you can also score these gems without reaching for your wallet. How, you ask? Promo codes! Yep, the clever developers sprinkle these babies around during festivals and game anniversaries. Keep an eye on their social media accounts, and you might just snag yourself some gems without spending a dime. It’s like a little thank-you gift for being part of the gaming fam!

What’s New

  • Welcome to the realm of knight-fighting, where vibrant scenery meets realistic RPG combat animations for an immersive experience like no other.
  • Embark on thrilling ninja adventures and gritty street fights, armed with a fresh arsenal of weapons and armor that’ll have you feeling unstoppable.
  • Think you’ve got what it takes? Prove your mettle by dueling with the mightiest warriors and strive to make it to the illustrious TOP-100 leaderboard. It’s not just a game; it’s a journey to the pinnacle of greatness!
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Game Storyline

Welcome to the sequel of Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK, where the saga continues with three fierce gangs – the Legions, Heralds, and Dynasty – locked in an enduring battle. Their coveted prize? The spare place on a temple that houses the legendary Shadow’s Sphere.

Now, what’s this Sphere all about? It’s no ordinary stone; it’s a powerhouse with unbeatable powers, granting those who possess it immortality. Brace yourself for an epic showdown as these gangs clash for the ultimate prize in a battle that transcends time and mortality.

The epic journey unfolds in Chapter 1: Legions

Alright, so our character is the new kid in town, right? Gets a warm welcome from two seasoned characters, Sarge and Gizmo, who take it upon themselves to train our newbie in the art of combat against the lurking enemies.

Now, Sarge drops a bombshell – only the shadow squad gets to flex those cool shadow powers. It’s like an exclusive club, you know?

But hold on, the real deal kicks in when Sarge rushes over to Gizmo with some breaking news. Turns out, there’s a spy girl from the Dynasty in town. Our character, along with fellow players, manages to nab her – goes by the name June. Plot twist: She drops a warning bomb, mentioning that the contract between them is off, and her crew is about to bring the heat. Get ready for some serious showdown, folks!

Arrival of Deng Rao

The plot thickens as Serge leads our hero to the camp, the imminent battleground for the looming war. However, as they arrive, the treacherous shoulders of Deng Rao launch a surprise attack. The shadows, under the command of Shadow and his skilled soldiers, manage to fend off the assault. Deng Rao, realizing he’s in deep trouble, seeks refuge on Falcon Gorga to save his own skin in Shadow Fight 3 unlimited everything.

After an intense search, they track down Deng Rao and extract him from his hiding spot. Humiliated and ashamed, Deng Rao faces the scorn of Serge, who doesn’t hold back on the insults. This humiliation escalates into another face-off between our hero and Deng Rao, resulting in our hero emerging victorious once again.

Serge, seizing the moment, addresses the gathered forces. In a stern speech, he lays down the law: if the Dynasty takes down one Legion soldier, they’ll retaliate by eliminating ten Dynasty soldiers in Shadow Fight 3 unlimited money and gems special edition.

Amidst the tension, June, visibly distressed by the impending war, proposes to go to her boss to smooth things over. However, her plea falls on deaf ears, as they accuse her of being the catalyst for the conflict. The consequence? A grim fate awaits her – public execution for espionage, blamed for igniting the flames of war in the city. The stage is set for an intense and morally complex tale in Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK.


Escape of June and Dang Rao

In the aftermath of the intense confrontation, June unveils a chilling revelation. If the enigmatic Shadow Sphere falls into the wrong hands, all citizens could be transformed into shadow monsters. Recognizing the potential catastrophe, June sees our hero as an ally, believing in their goodness.

With trust in our hero, June implores them to intervene. She urges our hero to persuade the Dynasty commanders to spare Deng Rao, emphasizing that he isn’t the true mastermind behind the impending war. Someone far more powerful is pulling the strings.

Taking matters into their own hands and without waiting for commands from the Dynasty leaders, Shadow, true to their nature, decides to free both Deng Rao and June. The unexpected turn of events sets the stage for a new dynamic in the unfolding story, with Shadow forging their own path amidst the shadows of conflict.


Visiting Serge & Gizmo

Following their escape, June discloses critical information about Serge and Gizmo, two influential lords who might hold the key to unveiling the mastermind orchestrating the chaos and devilish powers. Although unaware of the true boss, they provide a lead: the location of shadow energy resources.

Recognizing the importance of these resources, June enlists the help of Galen and Ling. Together, they hatch a plan to infiltrate the Herald School, a potential treasure trove of shadow energy capable of sealing the ominous shadow gates.

However, their journey takes an unexpected turn when Xiang Tzu, a formidable ninja character, steps up to challenge our hero. A clash of skills and determination ensues, as our hero must emerge victorious to advance further into the unfolding mystery of Shadow Fight 3 unlimited 999,999 gold and 999,999 gems. The path to uncovering the truth is fraught with challenges, and defeating Xiang Tzu is just the beginning of the adventure.

Kibo (The School Owner)

Meet Kibo, the enigmatic school owner in the Shadow Fight 3 mod menu. As our hero, along with June and their companions, arrives at the school, they find themselves amidst a bustling fighting tournament. To get closer to the owner of the school and discover the whereabouts of the crucial resources, our hero and Shadow must participate in the tournament.

In the midst of the intense competition, Shadow faces formidable opponents, including Itu and Greta, Kibo’s powerful sister. Despite the challenges, Shadow’s skills prevail, leading to a chance to engage in conversation with Kibo.

However, Kibo, not one to back down, issues a challenge of his own. The stakes are high as our hero prepares for a showdown against Kibo, the school owner, in a battle that could reveal more about the shadow energy resources and the mysteries surrounding the school in Shadow Fight 3 unlimited gems and shadow energy.


Following the battle with Kibo, the school owner, he provides a crucial lead – the next destination is Dume. It’s the place where the gates can be opened, and the elusive Shadow Sphere can potentially be found. The journey to Dume is fraught with challenges, requiring our hero to overcome various difficulties and face formidable fighters.

Navigating through the intricate plot, our hero eventually crosses Dume, pushing through the Circle of Time. Within this expansive world, there are not only the 10 main characters but also over 50 side characters, each possessing unique skills and powers tailored to their roles in the game.

Amidst this diverse cast, our main character and hero remain Shadow. For a more in-depth understanding of each character’s abilities and powers, players can refer to the guide to SF3 Chapters. It serves as a valuable resource for a detailed comparison, enhancing the overall gaming experience in Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK unlimited everything and max level.


How to get unlimited money and gems in the game?

Download the MOD APK from the given download button and you will get unlimited money and gems for free without any other cheat or crack.

How to get unlimited shadow energy in the game?

We have unlimited everything MOD in which you will get infinite energy, money, gems, coins, and a lot more premium resources for free.

How to update to the latest version without losing progress?

Download the latest version and install it before deleting the previous version and your progress will not be lost.


Shadow Fight 3 APK MOD fully unlocked and titan mode is one of the fastest-growing games like the other parts of this game. The graphic level of the animation is too good. This is another facet of the success of this game. In-app purchase is also available in this game as in other games. The price of the packs or different what you select. With this, you can purchase anything you want. This is your best partner in your free time. The entertainment level of this game is uncountable.

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