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Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK - RPG fighting
App NameShadow Fight 3 MOD APK
Size146 MB
Latest Version1.33.0
DeveloperiLogos Europe
Android Requirements5.0 and up
Original Sources for Android & IOSPlay Store

What is SF3 Mod?

SF3 is the modded version of the original shadow fight 3 for users so they can use premium resources for free.


  • Unlimited Everything
  • MAX level 52 and 99
  • Offline Mode
  • Mod Menu
  • All weapons and magic unlocked
  • Unlimited Money, Coins, Diamonds
  • Infinite energy
  • No Ads
  • No Root
  • Free Shopping
  • 999,999 gold and gems


Three-gang are fighting together for a long time known as Legions, Heralds, and Dynasty. They are all fighting because they want to get the shadow’s spare place on a temple. A sphere is a stone that has undefeatable powers to be immortal.

In shadow fight 3 our player is new here and can customize his character, hair, hair color, or also gender. You can also rename your character. This will increase the value of your interest to play this game. You will get many tips to play shadow fight 3 to be victorious against all your enemies.

Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk

The journey begins: (Chapter 1 Legions)

Our character is new in this town. Two characters welcome the player in shadow fight 3 offline RPG fighting game mod and train him to fight against the enemies. The names of these two characters are Sarge and Gizmo. Sarge tells him that only the shadow squad has permission to use shadow powers.

The main work of the shadow fight 3 hacked version is to take the legions to victory. After that Sarge runs toward the Gizmo and tells him that a spy girl from the Dynasty has been seen there. You and the other players caught the girl named June who warns all of you by saying that the contract between them is broken and her companions will attack you.

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Deng Rao in Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK

Serge takes the hero to the camp where the war will be started in shadow fight 3 MOD Android 1. As they reached there the shoulders of Deng Rao attacked them. Deng Rao was too confident, he simply thought that they easily defeated them all.

But our hero or his soldiers defeat them after Deng Rao is hiding on Falcon Gorga to save his life in shadow fight 3 unlimited everything. After some time of searching, they find him and take Deng Rao out.

He feels too shameful in front of all of them and after that, Serge insulted him. After that again a fight was held between our hero and Deng Rao in which our hero again won the fight. 

After that Serga delivered his speech. In this speech, he told them if the Dynasty kills our single shoulder of the legions in the Shadow Fight 3 unlimited money and gems special edition. They will kill the 10 shoulders of a dynasty.

By seeing all of this June was too worried about war to begin. She told Serge that let her go to her boss, by saying that she will cover all of this trouble that they made. They ignore her by saying that she will be hanged in front of the whole city. Because she was a spy here and the war will be held all because of June.

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After that June said that if they taught that shadow sphere all of the citizens would be converted to shadow monsters for shadow fight 3 unlimited everything and max level. June thinks our hero is such a nice guy.

By seeing that she told our hero to convince them not to do that. The war will be held is not the fault of Deng Rao. Without taking any commands from the leaders of the dynasty they did that. After that our hero is ready for her to escape from there.

Anyhow, June will receive the information that the gizmo is using the power of the shadow sphere. With this shadow fight 3 unlimited gems and shadow energy, he is too powerful. He is doing that outside the capital of the dynasty. And also seeing the shadow sphere. in all of this gizmo told them he sold the power of the shadow sphere for money with this he is too rich. 

After that, a fight between Gizmo and our hero was held. In this fight, the gizmo will be defeated. In shadow fight 3 unlimited gems coins by DMA After that gizmo said that he doesn’t know where the shadow sphere is, he is just for fun. Serge knows where the shadow sphere is.

Serge in SF3 MOD APK

After that shadow fight, 3 hacks unlimited coins, and the gems generator download, and they move toward the sarge to know where the shadow sphere is. Serge said that they built a new shadow squad. This shadow squad is not simple as compared to others. Seeing that, he decided to fight with a new one. He fights with him and defeats him. Serge receives the command from high command.

The command is that our hero has to hang in the form of all of the city. Before hanging, Serge challenges him to fight with him. In this fight, Serge has defeated in this shadow fight 3 downloads for an android fight. After that our hero is successful in escaping from there.

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June (Chapter 2 “Dynasty”)

June told him to move with her. After that our hero moves with her as they reach the capital of June. She took him to her house and gave him some tips for fighting. With all of this, she told her about the capital of the dynasty.

After that June called for help from Galen. Galen told her to move toward the Ling for help. LING told them if they want his help then they have to make a deal with herald school with this he wants to make a portal of shadow energy by using the shadow resources. Due to the lack of Shadow Resources. This is the purpose of this deal to shadow fight 3 mod hack fully unlocked and titan mode.

Xiang Tzu

As they move towards shadow fight 3 hack tool the school for this deal as they are Searching for the school. Xiang Tzu challenges our hero to fight with him. In this fight, our hero wins a fight. And after that, they find out about the school and Xiang Tzu tells them something about school.

Kibo and Itu

Kibo is the school owner in the shadow fight 3 mod menu. And she sells the school to the dynasty Meloshans. By using the portal they move toward the palace. As they reached the palace they met the Itu, Itu told them by making a high voice by saying that all because of the player the sphere was lost. Anyhow our hero has to join the tournament with this they will get a lot of answers by shadow fight 3 hacked APK.

After winning the second stage Ling was there and he is telling that he is in search of a person who came from a legion because the people of the legion are in search of this person by saying that he told them he is the ambassador of the legion. He is here with the emperor to perform the mandolin. After that Xiang Tzu attacks him in this fight our hero wins with a lot of difficulties.

After some time they move toward Kibu as they meet the sister of Kibu and attack them. Her name is Greta. In this fight our hero easily defeats her. After that Itu asks a lot of questions to Kibu. in this, they have to free Kro. They don’t have any other choice. June said that the heralds on Dume will be helpful for them.

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Chapter 3 Herald

Eitu asked June or our hero to search for the dum. Further, they know that Dums are invisible. The normal person is able to see them, a special person is able to see those who have special powers or abilities in shadow fight 3. They all enter the dum. In dum, a person with the name Bolo welcomes them all.

He told them if they want to enter the Dume then they have to show me their skills. In this, our hero defeats a lot of people. After they Bolo tells them that the Emperor is not a good guy at this time. Sometime later he was such a nice person. Before he wanted to use the sphere for freedom as he knew the real power of the shadow sphere he was trying to use the sphere to be immortal.

After some time Bolo challenged the hero after the fight they knew that Bolo was a master copy of Dum. The master of dum learns how to make a clone. In the meanwhile, a real Bolo appears and takes the Tri which no one reached after that. And Eitu or June feels that they are in the middle of the forest.

Although After some time they meet a person named Marcus, who is here to destroy the dum. After that bolo struck them in the time circle. As they reached there June and our hero fought together to decide who had to go to the temple to take the sphere. Our hero decided to stay outside the temple.

In all of this, Markas makes plans in a village. Because the whole army of Markes got stuck in a time circle only the Markes free themselves from this. He is thinking of destroying the shadow sphere.


The game quality is measured by the game animations and the personality of the characters used init. If we talk about animations no doubt these are very attractive and the shapes of the characters are also good. There are 10 main and more than 50 side characters. Every character owns different skills and powers according to their role in the game. Our main character and hero is Shadow for more details you can go through our guide to SF3 Characters for a more detailed comparison of their abilities and powers.

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This shadow fight 3 game is free to download for pc, if you want to get weapons, armor, and magic of advanced levels then you have to purchase a pack of gems. Every pack of gems has a different or high price but with the help of these gems, you can customize your player, upgrade your character level, or also level up your weapons

You can also get these gems by applying promo codes that developers launch on every festival and game anniversary on their social media accounts as branding their product.


How to get unlimited money and gems in the game?

Download the MOD APK from the given download button and you will get unlimited money and gems for free without any other cheat or crack.

How to get unlimited shadow energy in the game?

We have unlimited everything MOD in which you will get infinite energy, money, gems, coins, and a lot more premium resources for free.


Shadow Fight 3 game killer mods is one of the fastest-growing games like the other parts of this game. The graphic level of the animation is too good. This is another facet of the success of this game. In-app purchase is also available in this game as in other games. The price of the packs or different what you select. With this, you can purchase anything you want. This is your best partner in your free time. The entertainment level of this game is uncountable.