Shadow Fight 3 All Chapters | Act 1 to Act 7

shadow fight 3 chapters

In Shadow Fight 3 there are seven chapters or act and each chapter has a different storyline, quests, boss fights, characters, locations, weapons, game modes, items, equipment, and abilities. But the hero is the same and he is Shadow. Let’s dive into the details of the game chapters.

Shadow Fight 3 Chapters

The names of all shadow fight 3 chapters are as follows:

  • Legion
  • Dynasty
  • Heralds
  • Consequences
  • Shadow Island
  • Heart of the Legion
  • Chapter VII has two parts:
    • Part I: Forget the Past 
    • Part II: Behold the Future

Chapter I (Legion Storyline)

There are 3 boss fights and 3 tutorials for players and 16 main quests in the Legion camp. The player starts his journey as a new recruiter in the shadow squad which is famous due to the use of shadow energy. In this chapter, the player has to win the legion to get to the dynasty. After defeating Sarge, Shadow moves toward the Dynasty capital with June.


Chapter II (Dynasty)

The second chapter of Shadow Fight 3 is titled Dynasty. There are 3 boss fights from 17 main quests. The second chapter takes place in the Dynasty’s capital. This is an advanced level from the previous one and here Shadow has many ranged weapons, armor, helms, shadow abilities, special moves and perks to defeat fighters like Kibo, Greta, and Itu.

Chapter III (Heralds)

In Heralds. There are fifteen main quests including three boss fights. The events after the destruction of the Shadow Rig in Chapter II are the main focus of this chapter around the Heralds’ enigmatic Dome.

June, Itu, and the player retreat to the Dome to get assistance from the Heralds and discover where the Emperor and the Shadow Sphere are. The cunning Dynasty finds this information to be very helpful. The Emperor’s family ignores the Heralds’ unrestricted movement throughout the city.

Chapter IV (Consequences)

The fourth chapter of Shadow Fight 3 is titled Consequences. Shibata was able to send the player to the Sphere Temple following the events of Chapter III, but it was too late. The Sphere has disintegrated, releasing the trapped Shadow Mind, and endangering the entire globe.

There are twelve main quests and three boss fights. This chapter contains a unique opening plot, which results in a unique first boss as well. The players’ earlier decision, made after Chapter III, before the final boss battle, shapes the plot.

Regardless of the decision, the rest of the tale proceeds in the same way after the first boss battle.

Chapter V (Shadow Island)

After what happened in Chapter IV, the party was able to track down Ling and ask him the questions they had. Finding Shadow, the fabled hero and the only one capable of eliminating it is the only thing they can do to get rid of it because the Shadow Mind is still present in June/Itu/Marcus.

The player then engages in combat with the Scourge, who quickly proves to be a formidable foe. The player ultimately defeats the Scourge and wins. That’s why this chapter is called Shadow Island.


Chapter VI (Heart of the Legion)

The sixth chapter of Shadow Fight 3 is titled Heart of the Legion. In this chapter, the group discovered Moira, the Legion Queen’s twin sister who had been presumed dead. Her life was spared by Shadow, and with her help, the group sails to Moira and Marcus’s hometown in the north, where the Legion Fortress is located.

This is where Shadow Mind’s future will be decided because the player is injured after a battle with the Angel. The player is having a nightmare in which he interacts directly with Shadow Mind.

Chapter VII (June’s Plane)

There are two parts of this chapter of Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK, The First is Forget the Past, Shadow Descendant the player uses a portal to reach May’s grave with the help of Shadow Mind. He goes there to find out how the world has been destroyed in 10 years. This chapter includes 16 main quests including four boss fights.

In Behold the Future which is the second part of chapter seven, the Descendant will face Shadow and here the fate of the world would be decided. Here are eight main quests of which two are boss fights.

This is only an overview of all chapters available in Shadow Fight 3. We are regularly updating new information about shadow fight mods so keep in touch with our blog.

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