Shadow Fight 2 (SF2) Equipment Sets


What are Shadow Fight 2 Sets

The Shadow Fight 2 sets are like chests that you open for rewards. The rewards you collect from these sets depend on the category of set you have opened. Sets that you can purchase in the game as well as the items you can get from them and their pricing is listed here.

Set of Monk

You can get this set by playing raid battles. When the raiding season ends, the players from 1st to 5th in the league have more chances to get a random item from this set.

There are also chances to get this chest by purchasing Forest Mystery Chest. When you purchase Forest Mystery Chest you can get an item from Monk’s chest too and when you have equipped all items from this chest, you can activate Tempest Rage.

  • Pricing: The price of this set is 329 gems or 5000 shards.


  • Monk’s Katar,
  • Monk’s Robe,
  • Monk’s Shuriken,
  • Monk’s Amulet.
  • Monk’s Helm,

Set of Sentinal

You can only get this set by purchasing Soul Keeper’s Chest. When you purchase the chest of Soul Keeper you also get an item from Sentinal’s chest. By collecting all Items from this chest, you can activate Typhoon of Spirit. This is also helpful in fighting with the butcher.

  • Pricing: The price of this set is 599 gems or 7000 shards.


  • Sentinal’s Hand,
  • Sentinal’s Armor,
  • Sentinal’s Conical Helm,
  • Sentinal’s Blades,
  • Sentinal’s Spirit.

Warlock Set

You can get this chest through Battle Pass during Halloween 2021. This set has five items out of which two can be obtained from the regular passes and the other three items can be found in VIP rewards. By collecting all items from this chest, you can activate Crimson Corruption 


  • Shepherd’s Staff(VIP)
  • Evening Sunset
  • Face of Tragedy
  • Morning Star(VIP)
  • Sloe Thorn(VIP)

Forest Guardian’s Set

You can get this set from New Year Battle Pass 2022. It is also the same as Warlock Set. You can get two items from the regular pass and the remaining three from VIP rewards. You can activate Icy Resistance by obtaining all items of this chest.


  • Beast’s Fury
  • Deadfall
  • Marten,s Bite
  • Death Grip
  • Heartwood

Skanda’s Set

Get this set through Indian Battle Pass during Bohug Bihu 2022 update and get two items from the regular pass and the remaining three from VIP rewards. You can activate Karma by obtaining all items of this chest.



  • Rage of Indra

Haloween 2014 Set

This set was available in the 2014 Halloween update. You can buy them with gems. By purchasing this set, the items will automatically scale to the player’s level. Grim Scythe became permanently available later in the shop but you can buy it at level 12.



  • Broomstick
  • Grim Scythe
  • Pumpkinhead
  • Witch Hat
  • Wicked Veil

Halloween 2015 Set

  • You can get this set by defeating Lilith.
  • The rest of the set can be gotten from Mysterious Chest. 
  • With Devil’s Broom, you can activate Bloodrage.
  • With Blade of Death, you can activate Poisoning.
  • With Obsessed Pumpkin, You can activate Damage Absorption.
  • Whit Flame Skulls you can activate Overheat.
  • Pricing: You can get this set for only 35 gems but it was only available during Halloween 2015


  • Devil’s Broom
  • Flame Skull
  • Mist Cloak
  • Obsessed Pumpkin
  • Blade of Death
  • Witch Hat

Halloween 2016 Set

The Spider chest was available during Halloween 2016 which you can even purchase with gems and enjoy these items. The dissector of Hopes and Pain and Panic can activate Bleeding while Pumpkin of Madness and Nightmare can activate Magic Recharge. Spider King coat can activate Overheat and Demon’s Wing can activate Time Bomb.



  • Director of Hope
  • Nightmare Hat
  • Spider king Coat
  • Pain and Panic
  • Pumpkin of madness
  • Demon’s Wing

Halloween 2017 and 2020 Set

This chest was available on Halloween 2017 and 2020. You can purchase it using gems or bone coins. Death’s Jaw and Dark Blood Magic can activate bleeding. Voodoo Spine can activate Magic Recharge. Voodoo Vest and Baroness Cylinder can activate Damage Return. Grim baron’s coat can activate Shielding. The face of grim Baror can activate Regeneration and with Cursed Pins and Grim Baron’s Mark, you can activate Frenzy.

  • Pricing: You can buy this chest for 199 gems or 600 bone coins


  • Voodoo Spine
  • Grim Baron’s Coat
  • Voodoo Vest
  • Dark Blood Magic
  • Baroness Cylinder
  • The face of the Grim Baron
  • Cursed Pins
  • Death’s Jaw

Halloween 2019 Set

You can buy Chest of Nightmare to get these items. Claws of winged Darkness can activate Magic Recharge.  A blade of eternal Pain can activate Poisoning.  Grim Mantle and Feisty Vegetablecan activate Regeneration. Ghost Cap can activate Damage Return. Harbinger of madness can activate Precision.

  • Pricing: You can buy this chest for 19 gems or 350 Raven Tokens.


  • Blade of Eternal Pain
  • Grim Mantle
  • Feisty Vegetable
  • Claws of Winged Darkness
  • Ghost Cap
  • Harbinger of madness

Christmas 2014 Set

This set was available in the 201 Christmas update. You can even buy this for gems. Candy Canes is rewarded from this set by defeating Festivus and is enchanted with weakness.


  • Christmas Spirit
  • Beard of Frost
  • Reindeer Horns
  • Candy Canes
  • Snowballs

Christmas 2015 Set

This set was available in the 2015 Christmas update. You can get this chest also by defeating Festivus. When you purchase this chest, you may get coins, tickets, or shadow orbs. Caramel Shuang Gou can activate Lifesteal. Frosty Breastplate can activate Rejuvenation. Antlers of the Forest Spirit enchant with Overheat. The face of Christmas can activate Damage Absorption. Snow Charges enchants with Stun.

  • Pricing: You can purchase this chest for only 15 gems.


  • Frosty Breastplate
  • Antlers of the Forest Spirit
  • Snow Charges
  • Caramel Shuang Gou
  • Face of Christmas

Christmas 2016 Set

The Crystal Ice Chest was available in the 2016 Christmas update. Candy Rage enchants with Stun. Ringing Spruce Whirl activates Enfeeble. Winter Breath Jacket activates Regeneration. Christmas Trophy enchants with Damage Return. Frost Beard also has the ability of Regeneration. Gingerbread Surprises enchants with a timebomb. Shard of Eternal Ice amazes you with Bloodrage.



  • Ringing Spruce Whirl
  • Winter Breath Jacket
  • Gingerbread Surprises
  • Christmas Trophy
  • Shard of Eternal Ice
  • Frost Beard
  • Candy Rage

New Year 2018 and 2021 Set

In this update, a Gingerbread chest was available which you can even buy from a shop with gems or mint coins. You can get these mint coins by defeating candy. Surprise Waffles and Sugar Flash enchants with Stun. Caramel Boom and Juicy Donut activate Poisoning.

Fruit Icicle gives you Magic Recharge. Padded Jacket activates Shielding. Sweet Cuirass and  Ice Crown activate Regeneration. Fur Ear Flap enchants with Critical Protection. Croissant Hat amazes you with Frenzy. Fluffy Snowflakes and Prisoned Blizzard enchant you with Bloodrage.

  • Pricing: You can buy this chest in 199 gems or 250/500 mint coins.


  • Caramel Boom
  • Fruit Icecle
  • Fur Ear Flap
  • Padded Jacket
  • Surprise Waffles
  • Sweet Cuirass
  • Ice Crown
  • Croissant Hat
  • Juicy Donut
  • Prisoned Blizzard
  • Fluffy Snowflakes
  • Sugar Flash

Christmas and New Year 2019 Set

This is the same Gingerbread Chest as discussed before. You can even buy this from the shop using gems or Caramel Coins. You can get these coins by defeating Freeze.

  • Pricing: You can buy this chest for 219 gems or 00 Caramel Cions.


  • Candy Range
  • Ringing Spruce Whirl
  • Caramel Boom
  • Surprise Waffles
  • Christmas Trophy
  • Padded Jacket
  • Fur Ear Flap
  • Sugar Flash
  • Gingerbread Surprises
  • Juicy Donut
  • Frost Bread
  • Shard of Eternal Ice
  • Winter Breath Jacket

Fatum’s Artifacts

The name of this chest is Casket of Fates, Ruby Treasure Chest. This was available during Valentine’s day 2017. You can buy them with gems or Ruby coins. You can get Ruby coins by reaching first place in the raid with any raid bosses. Vermeil Fangs enchants you with Magic Recharge. Fatemaker activates Enfeeble. Fans of Passion activate Poisoning. Poetic Mantle gives you the power to Absorb Damage. Helm of Inspiration enchants you with Regeneration. Broken Hearts activates Precision.

  • Pricing: You can buy this for 4000 Ruby or 219 gems.


  • Fans of Passion
  • Broken Hearts
  • Poetic Mantle
  • Fatemaker
  • Vermeil Fangs
  • Helm of Inspiration

Valentine’s Set

You get Dragon’s Chest on this event. Buy them with gems or with Love Coins you have collected in Dojo. Panda Cuddles activates Overheat. Game Fan’s Hoodie enchants you with Regeneration. Adorable Panda gives you the power of Magic Recharge.

  • Pricing: You can get this chest for 149 gems or 250 Coins of Love.


  • Game Fan’s Hoodie
  • Panda Cuddles
  • Adorable Pand

Chinese New Year Set

In this event, you also get Dragon’s chest. In the items of this chest, you get the following benefits:

  • Chinese Dragon Staff gives you Overheat.
  • Victorious Jian is enchanted with Time Bomb.
  • Festive Fans enchanted you with Poisoning. 
  • Dragon’s Scale activates Damage Return.
  • Armor of Majesty activates Damage Absorption.
  • Hat of Generous Gift enchanted you with Frenzy.
  • Helmet of Ferocity enchanted with Regeneration.
  • Burning Battle Citrus activates an ability named Bleeding.
  • Pricing: You can get this chest for 199/2449 gems or 400/600 Patterned Coins.


  • Victorious Jian
  • Festive Fans
  • Armor of Majesty
  • Dragon’s Scale
  • Hat of Generous Gift
  • Chinese Dragon Staff
  • Helmet of Ferocity
  • Burning Battle Citrus

Ram Navani 2021 Set

In this event, you get the Casket of Elephant’s King. You can get Flower Coins by defeating Ravana. Features of items of this chest are described below. Krises of Intercessor enchants you with Overheat. Demon Slayer enchanted you with Frenzy. 

Unbreakable Gift of Gods activates Shielding. Festive Hoody gives you the power of Damage Absorption. Helm of Heaven Keeper gives you the power of Regeneration. Festive Turban enchants you with Rejuvenation. Blade of the Dawn facilitates you with Precision.

  • Pricing: You can purchase this chest for 600 Flower Coins or 199 Gems.


  • Demon Slayer
  • Festive Hoody
  • Krises of Intercessor
  • Helm of Heaven Keeper
  • Unbreakable Gift of Gods
  • Festive Turban
  • Blade of the Dawn

Independence Day Set

You can get a Casket of Ancestors at this event. Buy this chest with gems or Feathers. You can get Feathers by defeating Adanti.

  • Pricing: You can buy this chest for 219 gems of 600 Feathers.


  • Sachem’s Roach
  • Spirit’s Wrath
  • Chieftain’s Tomahawk
  • Hand of Prairie
  • Robe of Courage

Summer Set

Treasury of Cold is the chest available to you while this event. Buy this using gems or Shells. You can get Shells as a reward by defeating Freeze Jr.

  • Pricing: Buy this chest for only 219 gems or 600 Shells.


  • Conqueror of the Sea
  • Unyielding Face of Winter
  • Breakwaters
  • Beach Punisher
  • Jacket of Icy Tenancy
  • Coastal Sunset

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