How to Get Tempest Rage (Monk Set) in Shadow Fight 2?

To get the monk set in Shadow Fight 2 you need to win a special fight called “Ascension” which is a part of Act II, The Secret Path. But now To get a mythical enchantment you have to equip all its equipment sets. And to get the monk set in Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK you have to save yourself from damage and try to hit the enemy efficiently.

As many unblocked hits your enemy got it fills the charge but if you get a hit the charge will go down so be prepared and fight wisely. Because the set of monks is very important if you want to go further in the game to get the Typhoon of Spirits (Sentinel Set).


3 Different Ways to Get Monk Set in Shadow Fight 2

  • If you have the money you can buy the tempest rage from the raid shop by purchasing a chest of forest mystery in 329 gems or 5000 shards.RaidKeys2-MonkShard.png
  • You need to grind a bit and secure 1st position in your DAN in Underworld to get an item of monk set as a reward.
  • You can win it in the Mystery box but it depends upon luck.

Set of Monk Equipments

There are 5 equipment in the set of a monk which is as follows:

Monk’s Katars

This is a weapon and it works like the knuckles. This is a very strong and dangerous weapon but you will face difficulty in hitting your enemy all the time.

Monks Katars

Monk’s Robe


This is an armor to protect you from hard hits of your enemies and save your charge as much as possible unless you can beat the opponent.

Monk’s Helm

This beautifully designed helmet will help you protect your head from enemy hits and saves a lot of power and energy.

monks helmet

Monk’s Shuriken


This weapon helps you to attack your enemy from a distance or you can use them as your fighting strategy for maintaining a distance and attack with katars or other powers.

Monk’s Amulet

This is a magic amulet and this is enchanted with Poisoning in addition to Tempest Rage.


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