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App NameShadow Fight 2 MOD APK
Size149 MB
Latest Version2.27.1
DeveloperiLogos Europe
Original Sources for Android & IOSPlay Store
Android Requirements5.0 and up
shadow fight 2 mod ios

Download the latest version of Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK and enjoy unlimited everything, max level, all weapons, and magic unlocked with gems, coins, energy, enchantments, and other features for free on your android device.

Get ready with your martial-art fighter to save the world from demons by defeating them in different battles. Learn new fighting techniques from masters and use weapons and armor wisely against your opponent to win the game.

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MOD Info

  • Unlimited Everything
  • level 52, Max Level 99
  • Anti-ban
  • All weapons and magic unlocked
  • Unlimited gems, coins, infinite energy, and enchantment
  • Bonus Points
  • No Ads
  • All Bosses
  • Black Cheat
  • No Root
  • Free Purchases

Introduction of Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK

This is also known as the modded or hacked version of the game because you will get all premium resources for free like never-ending coins, gems, all magics unlocked, unlimited diamonds, and gems without paying a single penny.

So get ready for epic battles with martial-art masters and shadow fighters on your mobile or tablet device. You can also play this game on PC through emulators like Bluestacks, MeMU Play, and NoxPlayer.

Game Overview

Shadow Fight 2 is an action-packed mobile game with a martial art touch in it. Somehow it is similar to a familiar old video game Tekken 3 in which you have to fight with other fighters to become a champion.

The story is a little bit different but the concept is the same, you have to fight epic battles to defeat the opponent’s chaos in a series of fights. This Nekki’s publication has more than 100 million downloads only on the play store.

Insane! And these are only the stats for shadow fight 2, complete series now acquires billions of users which include special edition MOD, SF3 MOD which is the next version of shadow fight 2, and SF4 MOD which is the modified version of Shadow Fight 4 game.

So, we have all mods of the shadow fight series for our audience to enjoy with the best fighting animations and lots of dynamic features which are being updated regularly.

Making History

This role-playing fighting game is the second chapter of the shadow fight series. you can play this game in single or multiplayer mode of playing.

This game is developed by Russian Cyprus-based developer Nikki and I log Europe and was released on October 22, 2013, but after a lot of changes or improvements, this game was mainly released on May 1, 2014, after a year, especially for Android and IOS users.

Installation Guide for Android

Follow these simple steps and enjoy shadow fight 2 cracked/modified on your Android device safely!

  • If you have a previous version of our original app installed on your Android device uninstall it.
  • Download the latest version from the direct download button.
  • After that open your mobile Settings > Asseccebility and allow third-party app installation.
  • If you are using the latest Android operating system as mine is 12 simply go to the next step and skip the 3rd step.
  • Now open the download folder of your file manager and click on the shadow fight 2 download file.
  • After clicking you will get a setup window for application installation.
  • Click on Install and start playing by clicking on the open button.
third party app installation

Orignal Story (Theme Behind the Game)

Our Hero (Shadow)


Our Game’s Story begins with an undefeatable samurai who is looking for an opponent that gives him a worthy Battle. He always prefers to wander in search to find such an opponent, but he doesn’t force the opponent to fight with him.

He found tons of fighters and after defeating them all he begins his journey again to explore more fighters in the world.

Gates of Shadows

Our hero Shadow heard about the Gates of Shadows, he moved toward conquering this shadow world. He thinks it is too easy for him, but this is the biggest mistake of his life. He has no idea what Gates of Shadow is.

The Gates of Shadow is the pathway to another World. This World is loaded with Fighters having undefinable and undefeatable Powers. 

On entering in gates due to an attack of some ionic powers his body transforms into Shadow. After this, he realizes that this is the biggest mistake he ever made but now there is no way to return.

An anonymous sound said if you want to get rid of this then, you have to defeat all of the demons, and after defeating them all take the Asian’s silk to open the door again and go back to your world.


The Gates of Shadows are ancient and powerful artifacts that play a key role in the game’s story. This possesses incredible power and is sought after by various characters in the game, including the main antagonist, the Shadow Boss.

According to the game’s lore, there are several Gates of Shadows located around the world, and each one is guarded by a powerful warrior known as a Titan. In order to access the power of the gates, one must defeat the Titan guarding it and pass through the gate.

The player character sets out on a journey to find and defeat the Titans and pass through the Gates of Shadows in order to defeat the Shadow Boss and restore peace to the region and return back to home.

Fight with Bosses

He reached out to his master Sensi through some powers he had to connect with him and told him about the complete incident. The master gives him guidance about how to handle this situation. Shadow also meets May who also offers him help.

After that, he moves towards his Fights with seven demon bosses, each boss has five bodyguards and the shadow has to defeat them all to get back the body and key of their world’s gate.

The name of these gates of shadow demons are down below and you can also read beating strategies for each boss including:

  • Lynx
  • Hermit (Magician)
  • Butcher
  • Wasp (Daughter of Pirate King)
  • Widow
  • Shogun (The last Boss)

After defeating them all the shadow gets enough silk to go back to his world.


There are several different types of demons that the player character encounter during his journey. Each demon has its own unique appearance, abilities, and attack patterns and is characterized by its dark, supernatural powers and abilities, and is often portrayed as a formidable opponent.

Here is a list of some of the demons that appear in the game, along with a brief description of their abilities:

  • Wasp: Fly and attack with stinging attacks from its tail.
  • Ghost: Become invisible and attack with powerful ghostly powers.
  • Spider: Can crawl on walls and attack with venomous bites.
  • Hydra: Has multiple heads and can attack with a variety of powerful bites and breath attacks.
  • Kraken: Can swim and attack with tentacles and powerful underwater attacks.
  • Medusa: Can turn its enemies to stone with its gaze and attack with snakes.
  • Diablo: Summon fireballs and attack with powerful fire-based abilities.
  • Mephisto: Can teleport and attack with dark magic spells.

Returning Back to Save May

After Defeating them all Shadow move toward his world with May then suddenly Titan appears and kidnaps May as unfortunately gates have been closed on her side. But after defeating these Six Demons he knows how to Brake the Silk.

So, he breaks the silk to open the door again to go back and save May. In this journey, Shroud who is a more powerful and skilled warrior and a slave of Tuition stops him and starts fighting with Shadow.

Shroud almost defeats shadow but luckily Kali appears there and saves Shadow and takes him to a safe shelter. Where they met with some more skilled fighters.

Ancient – Act VII: Revelation

Our hero shadow had a friendly match with Saifer and after getting defeated by the shadow he became his loyal friend and accepted shadow as his master. He also helped Shadow to reach the Ancient for acquiring more powers.

As Ancient gave him powers Shroud appears to interrupt, but the guards of Saifer arrested him and put him in the lockup. Now Ancient asked to examine Shadow to check whether he is able of these powers or not. He asked him to join a tournament which is organized by Titian.

In this tournament, he defeats many participant fighters like Justice which is May and her mind is in Titan’s control. But after several defeats of his fighters by shadow, Titan lost his control and ask all fighters to attack the Shadow. But with ancient power and his own abilities, he defeated them all.

End of all battles (The Final Boss)

After defeating all fighters, Titan appears to challenge Shadow for a merciless and final battle. He is the toughest fight but Shadow successfully wins the match. After this fight Shadow becomes a Human and our game Shadow Fight 2 has Ended.

shadow fight 2 unlimited everything and max level and all characters

Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK Gameplay

Shadow has to regain his lost honor and physical body after accidentally opening the Gates of Shadow and unleashing six demons into his world, But he is now a faceless silhouette and does not have any skill or power to defeat the powerful underworld bosses.

To save the world from the demons he has to learn Martial art and Magic to defeat the demon bosses like Hermit. He chooses Sensei as a master and Sensei trains him to be able to fight these monsters.

At the beginning of this real dark world, the player only has two buttons one for hands and one for using legs or a joystick option to fight with your first opponent which is Lynx’s bodyguard.

As you keep going in the game you will get a lot of weapons and different armor suits to cover your character and reduce the health damage and make your opponents more vulnerable in front of your shadow character.

But definitely, you have to go step by step defeating all your opponents in a season to reach the top demons and finish them. And here is another hack, By downloading our MOD APK you can fight with every character because all stages and characters are unlocked in the modified game.

Game Trailer

YouTube video

Characters in Shadow Fight 2

Every game has its special characters and in shadow fight 2 unlimited everything and max level there are 7 main Shadow characters, Sensei, May, Sly, Kali, Cypher, and Ancient. The whole story is based on these characters which are explained below:

  • Demons: When eye shadow breaks the “laws of elders” and breaks the Gate of shadow that they ran from there. Demons are 7. The names of demons are Lynx, Hermit, Bucher, Wasp, Titan, Shogun, and Widow. These are the demons of the game, all of them are gang leaders.
  • Eternals: Eternals are one of the powerful teams they lived thousands of years to destroy the Gate of shadow. Their Names are Volcano, Megalith, Fungus, Vortex, Fatum, Archos, Hoaxen, Karcher, Drakaina, and Tenebris are Eternals.
  • Bodyguards: Demons are the evils for this shadow fight 2 full version game. For the safety of demons, these bodyguards are there. All of the demons have five bodyguards. All of them are divided into Acts/teams.
  • Hero Reborn: In this chapter, Shin, Brick, Needle, Ghost, and Dandy are the five guards of Lynx.
  • Secret Path: The names of the secret path bodyguards are Dragons, Buffalo, Mantis, Tiger, and Crane.
  • Trail of Blood: In this chapter bodyguard names are Bird, Rhino, Bull, Redhead, and Reaper.
  • Pirate throne: Kraken, Cleaver, Shark, Bosun, and Whaler are bodyguards in this season.
  • The greatest Temptation: Irbis, Wolf, Capra, Bear, and Puma is a team of bodyguards in this chapter of shadow fight 2.
  • Iron Region: The names of the Iron Region bodyguards are Corporal, Captain, Major, Colonel, and General.

Shadow Fight 2 Different in-game Features


equipment's market

Equipment is an initial part of the shadow fight 2 Android1 game, without it you will not be able to fight longer with strong and powerful opponents.

There is a list of equipment like armor, helmets, and many more. You will also get different types of armor to shield your character’s body and deal with big damage easily.

  • Mercenaries: Mercenaries used to set a trap for shadow and his friends/team/allies. The name Mercenaries is also a Mercenary, and no one is able to find who is this.
  • Revelation: The name of The Revelations are Assassin, Master, Duru, Corsair, and Emperor is another team of bodyguards. These are the acts/ team for the surety of demons in shadow fight 2 unlimited coins. They are all performing very well but the power of faith, honesty, loyalty, honesty, or goodness will easily overcome all of them.
  • Weapons: The weapons are further categorized into two types range open, out range weapons. Or other types of equipment like shadows, lords, Equipment sets, and Enchantments of them are all used in the latest version of the game.


Magic is a magical power that a person got after a lot of practice and learning new techniques.

With different magics, you will be able to get your enemies down in a more fast and more efficient way.



You have to play tournaments at the beginning to increase the level of our players, tournaments would be helpful to grow your level fast. Every tournament has 24 stages in shadow fight 2 unlimited energy.

In every stage, the opponent will be stronger and has more dangerous and safe armor than you but you have to fight with them by following your skills, and you will survive.

As you level up your tournament level will also go up.


Fighters are those who participate in battles. Names of the fighters are:

  • Monkey
  • Lucky
  • Pickpocket
  • Iron
  • Madman
  • Vulture
  • Thorn
  • Jester
  • Rogue
  • Velvet
  • Fiend
  • Mountain
  • Seer
  • Serpent
  • Brawler
  • Exile
  • Cutthroat
  • Raven
  • Soothsayer
  • Hellcat
unlimited money apk hero reborn


Gameplay screenshot

As you know the name of this game is shadow fight 2 Ultimate and Ninjas are one of the special characters in this game.

42 ninjas are very tough heroes and Shadow has to fight with them to win the game.

Old Wounds

The total number of old wounds available in the storyline is 11 and the Names are as follows:

  • Prince
  • Spark
  • Cleric
  • Lotus
  • Harbinger
  • Torment
  • Razer
  • Trickster
  • Cougar
  • Aster
  • Mine

Hideout champions

They are all from innumerable planes but are not able to face the demons of gates of shadow.

Therefore they have to work for them because they aren’t able to stop them. There are a total of five in number and their names are:

  • Raptor
  • Tripwire
  • Hazard
  • Cygnus
  • Aquarists

Factory Inhabitants: All Robbers, set up their camp near the factory. They are 7 in one team. All of the Robbers are a well-trained and well-skilled team in shadow fight 2 upgrades.

Ghosts of the Stone Grove: are there to protect the Ancients and the secrets of the stone grove from intruders names of all of them are an abyss, golem, Mephisto, Harpy, smother, whiplash, pandemia, and wraith are the name of all of them in shadow fight 2 unlimited energy.

Titan’s Army

Last but not least! Titan’s army is an undefeatable and united army that is trying to conquer the whole world. But they are on the wrong path and Shadow is here with the power of faith, and goodness to save the world from these bad guys. Names of these evils are Shroud, Justice, Beryl, Topaz, Garnet, and Emerald.

shadow fight 2 mod apk free download

Special Enemies

There are 14 special enemies in the game and their names are Lilith, Festivus, Morgana, Freeze, Whisper, Candy, Countess, Banshee, Son of Heaven, Ravana, Adanti, Freeze Jr, Puppeteer, and Shurale. These characters are also very good fighters with lots of power and Shadow has to beat them if they came his way on different special occasions.


Every online or offline game gives an opportunity to users who want to purchase anything with money or coins in shadow fight 2 there is a raid store where you can buy different equipment sets, weapons, and armor of your choice to beat the opponents which are far more powerful and stronger than you in abilities and equipment.

In MOD APK you do not need to buy all this stuff because you have access to everything for free but if you want to grow your account organically these things will increase the value of your account. And you can also sell this when you need some cash.

Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK

Tips to Fight Well in the Game?

  • Mix Up Your Moves
  • Do not stand too close to your enemy
  • Keep watching your opponent
  • Do not rush!
  • Use all options you have according to the situation
  • Keep your mind open during the fight,
  • Practice in the lobby to make your move faster

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is Shadow Fight 2 Easy?

The bosses in Shadow Fight 2 are tough, so try to get more points in the small battles to upgrade your resources to max level.

How do I progress in the game?

When you launch your game for the first time you will get the option of synchronizing through Google or different other social media platforms this option will help you to save your game progress.

Can I play the game offline or online?

Shadow Fight 2 can be played offline and online you can challenge your friends to play games with you or fight against underworld bosses.

How to get premium resources free in the game?

Download the MOD APK from the download button and install it on your Android device to get all premium resources and unlimited money, coins, gems, and energy for free.

How can we know our username?

Your username is displayed at the top of the screen along with your id. By tapping on your username you will get your complete profile details.

how to change your name?

In single-player mode you can only play as Shadow so, there is no option to change your username. In Multiplayer when you logged in for the first time you will get a prompt box where you can choose your username or write it. After selecting a username it will be shown on the top bar. For changing it again click on the Profile” button after that tap on the pencil icon near your username. You can change your username for free for the first time.


Shadow Fight 2 is a role-playing fighting game all about battling with powerful demons and heroes. You can also play this game in multiplayer mode to have fun or show your skills to your friends. This game is based upon a storyline in which we have to play the game or defeat our enemies to free the whole world from evil.

This complete Shadow Fight gaming series achieve a lot of love from the public. So, must give it a try once and I guarantee you will get addicted to it. If you find this information useful do not forget to share it with your friends and family.