Shadow Fight 2 Cheat Codes & Achievements

Use these Shadow Fight 2 Cheats and promo codes to destroy your adversaries, degrade demon bosses, and shut the Gate of Shadows. This is the only way for Shadow to save the world from destruction and get back his soul from the evil monsters.

Shadow Fight 2 Cheats

Cheat CodesTheir Work
YdVhyDb5Flevel up your energy.
qmi0vj6BVUpgrade your equipment.
5nY0xzeSBTurn off Ads.
adzrmiQhIAccess all Premium Weapons.
BNy2IdOX7Access Legendary Equipment.
AYIx8DhP7Access Artifacts.
d8PCHMYtiAccess Runes.
121cob61uUnlock New Characters.
2kOjG08m5Voucher to MOD for New Classes.
K5Bzg1tUnCode for the Profession
MbB9iOYd9Craft New Weapons.
I4HqEXLUbGet Recipes.
l6H6J5PVTPlay Multiplayer.
ABMpifN7e3v3 Arena Mode cheat.
osQDjHdI9Increase All Characteristics by 10.
kXRCtjSszGet Crystals.
Zd3qjDn0tGet Diamonds.
lGHqCfMB0Get Gems.
bCSKKWBSjIncrease Attack Speed.

Why you Need These Cheats

When you start the game you only have Swords, Axes, Chains, and Katanas at your disposal because you are from an ordinary world while in the Shadow world, you have to fight many monsters which are very powerful and also have some black magic powers.

You will have to work extremely hard to defeat your adversaries as they also know martial arts very well and are experts in hand-to-hand fights as well. By winning battles from these demons, you will get in-game currency to buy new armor, weapons, and other items to improve and grow your hero to make him an unbeatable warrior.

Chaos is about to break out across the world. All living things will be held captive by demons. The only person who can save humanity from slavery is Shadow who has to face numerous terrifying opponents. Retake the seized areas and send the demons back to hell. As you are aware, in a conflict, all measures are good.

shadow fight 2 cheat codes

Shadow Fight 2 Achievements List

No.ImageNameTypeHow to UnlockXP
1Not-a-Scratch-AchievementNot a ScratchNormalWin 1 round perfectly in any mode except Survival.500
2Without-a-Bruise-AchievementWithout a BruiseNormalWin 5 rounds perfectly in any mode except Survival.1000
3Invincible-AchievementInvincibleNormalWin 20 rounds perfectly in any mode except Survival.1500
4Cant-Touch-Me-AchievementCan’t Touch Me!EclipseWin 5 rounds perfectly in any mode except Survival during Eclipse.1500
5Rapid-Reaction-AchievementRapid ReactionNormalMake the first hit in 20 rounds.500
6Snake-Bite-AchievementSnake BiteNormalMake first hit in 100 rounds.1000
7Lightning-Strike-AchievementLightning StrikeNormalMake first hit in 500 rounds.1500
8Combo-Adept-AchievementCombo AdeptNormalPerform a 5-hit combo.1000
9Combo-Expert-AchievementCombo ExpertNormalPerform a 7-hit combo.1500
10Combo MasterCombo Master NormalPerform a 10-hit combo. 1500
11aggresive AggressiveNormalReach an Aggressive style during any fight. 500
12crazy Crazy Normal Reach Crazy style during any fight.2000
13Fantastic FantasticNormalReach Fantastic style during any fight. 1000
14Headache HeadacheNormalFinish 10 rounds with a head hit. 500
15Skull Crusher Skull CrusherNormalFinish 50 rounds with a head hit. 1500
16ExecutionerExecutioner NormalFinish 300 rounds with a head hit. 1500
17SuperioritySuperiority NormalDisarm your enemy 10 times in any mode except Survival. 500
18Domination Domination NormalDisarm your enemy 50 times in any mode except Survival. 1000
19OverpowerOverpower NormalDisarm your enemy 200 times in any mode except Survival. 1500
20Mighty Kicks AchievementMighty Kicks NormalWin 1 fight using kicks only in any mode except Survival. 500
21Feet PowerFeet Power  NormalWin 5 fights using kicks only in any mode except Survival. 1000
22Kick Master Kick MasterNormalWin 20 fights using kicks only in any mode except Survival. 1500
23Punch and KickPunch and Kick NormalWin 3 fights barehanded in any mode except Survival. 1500
24Natural StrengthNatural Strength NormalWin 10 fights barehanded in any mode except Survival. 2000
25Inner PowerInner Power  Normal Win 50 fights barehanded in any mode except Survival.1500
26Careful Careful NormalBlock every hit in 5 rounds in any mode except Survival. 1500
27Tactician Tactician NormalBlock every hit in 25 rounds in any mode except Survival. 500
28StrategistStrategist Normal Block every hit in 100 rounds in any mode except Survival.1500
29Cuts and BruisesCuts and Bruises NormalLose 1 fight. 1500
30Close Call AchievementClose Call AchievementNormalFinish a round with a critical health level.500 
31Just a Flesh Wound AchievementJust a Flesh WoundNormalLose 50 times.500 
32Battle ScarsBattle ScarsNormalLose 200 times. 1500
33VeteranVeteranEclipseLose 50 times during Eclipse.  1500
34Unbendable UnbendableNormalFinish 5 rounds with a critical health level. 1500 
35Will to SurviveWill to Survive NormalFinish 50 rounds with a critical health level.  1000
36GravewalkerGravewalker EclipseFinish 20 rounds with a critical health level during Eclipse.  500
37BoxerBoxer NormalWin 1 fight using punches and throws only in any mode except Survival. 1000 
38BrawlerBrawler NormalWin 5 fights using punches and throws only in any mode except Survival.  1000
39Fist of SteelFist of Steel NormalWin 20 fights using punches and throws only in any mode except Survival.  1500
40Lone Beast Lone BeastNormalDefeat all Lynx’s bodyguards.   1000
41No Time to WasteNo Time to Waste NormalWin 20 rounds in 10 seconds in any mode except Survival.  500
42BlitzBlitz Normal Win 5 rounds in 10 seconds in any mode except Survival.
43Tight Schedule Tight ScheduleNormal Win 100 rounds in 10 seconds in any mode except Survival.  1500
44No HurryNo Hurry NormalMake 1 round last at least 90 seconds in any mode except Survival.   500
45Let's Take It SlowLet’s Take It Slow  NormalMake 5 rounds last at least 90 seconds in any mode except Survival. 500 
46War of AttritionWar of Attrition Normal  Make 20 rounds last at least 90 seconds in any mode except Survival.500 
47Ninja HunterNinja Hunter Normal Defeat Lynx.  500
48From Dusk Till DawnFrom Dusk Till Dawn Eclipse Make 5 rounds last at least 90 seconds during Eclipse.  500
49Diehard FighterDiehard Fighter  NormalWin a fight on a Hard difficulty level.  500
50Insane Fighter Insane FighterNormal Win a fight on an Insane difficulty level. 500 
51Made It PossibleMade It Possible  NormalWin a fight on the Impossible difficulty level. 1500 
52UnstoppableUnstoppable Normal Win 3 fights with demons without losing a single round. 1000 
53Not a Chance Not a ChanceNormal Win a fight with a demon without losing a single round.  1500
54Three in a RowThree in a Row Normal Win 6 fights with demons without losing a single round. 1000 
55Class DismissedClass Dismissed Normal Defeat all Hermit’s bodyguards. 500 
56No Mexican StandoffNo Mexican Standoff Normal Defeat all Butcher’s bodyguards.  1500
57Shore LeaveShore Leave Normal Defeat all Wasp’s bodyguards.  500
58Better SuitorBetter Suitor Normal Defeat all Widow’s bodyguards. 1000 
59Fresh MeatFresh Meat Normal Defeat Butcher. 1500 
60Boarding PartyBoarding Party Normal Defeat Wasp.  500
61Taught the TeacherTaught the Teacher Normal Defeat Hermit. 500 
62No Heart to Break No Heart to BreakNormal Defeat Widow.  1500
63ConquerorConqueror Normal Defeat Shogun. 500 
64Master of HuntMaster of Hunt Eclipse Win a fight with Lynx once again. 500 
65Secret KnowledgeSecret Knowledge Eclipse Win a fight with Hermit once again. 500 
66Pork PorkEclipse Win a fight with Butcher once again. 500 
67Man Overboard!Man Overboard! Eclipse Win a fight with Wasp once again. 500 
68Frozen Heart Frozen HeartEclipse Win a fight with Widow once again.  500
69Long Live the King!Long Live the King! Eclipse Win a fight with Shogun once again.  1500
70ContenderContender NormalWin the Tournament in 1 province.  1000
71Well-KnownWell-Known Normal Win the Tournament in 2 provinces. 500 
72FamousFamous Normal Win the Tournament in 3 provinces. 1500 
73EminentEminent Normal Win the Tournament in 4 provinces. 1000 
74ChampionChampion Normal Win the Tournament in 5 provinces.  500
75ProfessionalProfessional Normal Win the Tournament in 6 provinces.  500
76NoviceNovice Normal Complete every Challenge in 1 province.  500
77SkillfulSkillful NormalComplete every Challenge in 2 provinces.  1500
78TalentedTalented Normal Complete every Challenge in 3 provinces.  1000
79ProficientProficient Normal Complete every Challenge in 4 provinces. 500 
80MasterMaster Normal Complete every Challenge in 5 provinces. 1500
81GuruGuru Normal Complete every Challenge in 6 provinces. 500 
82TwilightTwilight Eclipse Win all Tournaments in Act I once again. 1500 
83DarknessDarkness EclipseWin all Tournaments and Challenges in Act II once again. 500 
84MurkMurk Eclipse  Win all Tournaments and Challenges in Act III once again. 1500
85Blackout BlackoutEclipse Win all Tournaments and Challenges in Act IV once again. 500 
86GloomGloom Eclipse Win all Tournaments and Challenges in Act V once again. 500 
87Total EclipseTotal Eclipse Eclipse Win all Tournaments and Challenges in Act VI once again. 500 
88Panda BearPanda Bear Normal Overcome Survival in Act I. 500 
89Forester ForesterNormal Overcome Survival in Act II.  500
90Swamp WarriorSwamp Warrior Normal Overcome Survival in Act III. 500 
91SpelunkerSpelunker Normal Overcome Survival in Act IV. 500 
92Sole SurvivorSole Survivor Normal Overcome Survival in Act V. 500 
93Sunstroke SunstrokeNormal Overcome Survival in Act VI. 1500 
94Through the ThicketThrough the Thicket  Eclipse Overcome Survival in Act I during Eclipse. 500
95Dark ForestDark Forest Eclipse Overcome Survival in Act II during Eclipse. 500 
96Dead Marshes Dead MarshesEclipse Overcome Survival in Act III during Eclipse.  500
97Monster CaveMonster Cave Eclipse Overcome Survival in Act IV during Eclipse.  500
98Ultimate Soldier Ultimate SoldierEclipse Overcome Survival in Act V during Eclipse. 1500 
99Desert StormDesert Storm Eclipse  Overcome Survival in Act VI during Eclipse. 500
100SealedSealed Normal Close the Gates of Shadow.  1500
101Return of the LegendReturn of the Legend Normal Win every Tournament in the Interlude. 500 
102Back on TrailBack on Trail NormalComplete every Challenge in the Interlude. 1500 
103Off the HingesOff the Hinges Normal Open the Gates of Shadow once again. 500 
104Amazement EffectAmazement Effect Normal Win after being Shocked. 500 
105Beating the OddsBeating the Odds Eclipse Win after being shocked during the Eclipse. 500 
106Presumed InnocentPresumed Innocent Normal Overcome Survival at the Factory.  500
107The Inside JobThe Inside Job Normal Defeat all competitors at the Hideout. 500 
108Man of SenseMan of Sense Normal Defeat Cypher.  500
109RobopocalypseRobopocalypse  NormalDefeat Cronos. 1500 
110Buried in Oblivion Buried in OblivionNormal Defeat Ancient. 1500 
111The FlashbackThe Flashback Normal Defeat all Ghosts. 500 
112Curtains FallCurtains Fall  NormalDefeat Shroud. 1500 
113Rare SpecimenRare Specimen Normal Win the Tournament at the Incubator. 1500 
114Survival of the Fittest Survival of the FittestNormal Overcome Survival at the Incubator. 500 
114Cleaning Up! Cleaning Up! NormalDefeat the Scavengers.  500
115Dead Stay Dead Dead Stay DeadNormal Win the Tournament in the Stone Grove. 500 
116Furious ComebackFurious Comeback Eclipse Re-play the Tournament and the Challenge in Act 7 Chapter 3 completely. 500 
117Totally ExperiencedTotally Experienced Normal Gain maximum level. 500 
118SalvationSalvation Normal Save May from Titan. 1500 
119RedemptionRedemption Eclipse Win a fight with May once again. 1500 
120RetributionRetribution Normal  Defeat Titan.1000 
121VengeanceVengeance Eclipse  Win a fight with Titan once again. 1000
122Charmed, I'm SureCharmed, I’m Sure Normal Enchant an item. 1000
123Man at Charms Man at Charms NormalEnchant 5 items.  500
124Charmed and DangerousCharmed and Dangerous  NormalEnchant 10 items. 500 
125Total RecallTotal Recall  Normal Complete Old Wounds in all six acts. 500
126ThundererThunderer NormalDisarm your enemy 50 times during Eclipse.  1000 
127One Man ArmyOne Man Army  NormalDefeat all Shogun’s bodyguards. 500 
128Secret KnowlegeSecret Knowlege Normal Win a fight with Hermit once again. 500 


Every 10 minutes, the player will get 1 energy; however, they can replenish all of their energy for 5 Gems by watching a film and gaining 1 energy immediately. Additionally, for $19.99, the user can buy limitless energy. or you can download shadow fight 2 MOD APK Unlimited everything and max level for Android.

In Shadow Fight 2, there are five different categories of gear to choose from: weapons, armor, helms, and ranged weapons. One of these categories is magic. After conquering Hermit, the second demon from Act II: Secret Path, it gets unlocked.

The story revolves around a fighter simply known as “Shadow,” who was previously a famed fighter known for never losing a match.