Guide To Defeat Lynx In Shadow Fight 2

Fighting with the Lynx, a raid boss of the game will be challenging to the new player as he has access to an arsenal of powerful ranged weapons. It is best to use a double sweep as you can duck and hit Lynx to beat him in Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK.

Lynx also has a few tricks up his sleeve which can be both frustrating to players and detrimental to the player’s success in the fight. This guide will help you to defeat Lynx even with his hidden abilities. We will let you know about his attacks, weapons, and perks the easiest ways to dodge them, and which attacks are more beneficial to beat the Lynx.

how to beat lynx in shadow fight 2

Most of the time, the ranged weapons come suddenly and you may get hit by them. You have to dodge them at the right time and do counterattacks that he will not even be able to understand and you can even cause heavy damage to the lynx’s health.

Weapons Used by Lynx

Lynx uses a pair of Steel Claws. These Claws are the first of their type. Lynx also uses Shurikens and Kunais which are ranged weapons.

He can turn invisible using smoke bombs. Titan has added Time Bomb Enchantment in his all weapons but when you defeat him the second time, Poisoning Enchantment will appear on his weapon.


How to Fight With Lynx

Lynx is different from previously defeated enemies. He uses ranged weapons before the player unlocks them, can take advantage of perks, and has a special perk of his invisibility. He has very powerful moves in his fights for the later rounds. In the first round, he will play easy moves and use only melee attacks.

His starting moves are always swiping with his claws. These swipes may be combined with kicks. It is good to familiarise anyone with the move set of Lynx’s weapons. His Claws Slash is a single swipe. Claws Double Slash is two swipes.

Lynx uses the single, double, low, high, and super slashes most often. The super slash is the deadliest move, as it can give heavy hits and even shocks caused by the great damage. His attacks can be dodged by simply rolling away from him.

You will get to know whether Lynx is going to use Super Slash when he quickly jumps toward you swinging his claws to kill you. Lynx often tries to push you away from himself using the horse kick, so he can go invisible. 

Equipment is not necessary for defeating Lynx but it will make it easier for you to defeat Lynx and even reduce the effectiveness of Lynx’s attacks.

You will need Level 3 Daggers, a Level 3 Leather Jacket, and a Level 3 Close Helmet to defeat Lynx easily and handle his attacks.

Outsmart lynx

If you want to beat the lynx, it’s easy if you follow my strategy. First, if he tries to do a super slash, don’t move and block his fist. If he tries to throw a ranged weapon, try crouching or rolling. Jump anywhere or hit him with your weapon if he tries to cast his invisibility spell.

Since Lynx starts with melee attacks, it’s best to block those attacks. If you attempt a kick move, for example, the sweep will usually hit you unless you can perform it early enough. Lynx is usually vulnerable once the first few hits are blocked. Use this as an attack window.

Lynx is often challenging and frustrating for new players. He can be invisible, can use ranged weapons, gets regular electric shocks, and is prone to headshots, poisons, and bombs. However, with the right gear and moves, he is a piece of cake if you compare him with Titan or Shogun.

How to Beat Lynx In Shadow Fight 2?

Bots or programmed characters can change the direction of their attacks faster than a human player’s physical abilities. Changing direction midway to launch a flanking attack, the latter’s physics speed is too fast for the player to block. The only options are to dodge the chain entirely or parry the first blow to prevent it from firing.

The same is in the game, the mechanics meant that players had to keep a small range to use a power attack, wait a few seconds between uses, and do a slow, heavy spin after either of those attacks. The opponent ​​can use precision turns to launch both attacks simultaneously when they are out of range, and immediately stop attacking you again.

Attack Lynx when he is vulnerable

On the first turn, you can simply attack him at close range, and keep attacking fast and furious, most of the time he won’t have an answer unless he’s close enough to you.

Once he’s in range, he can cast his first spell there, which is easy to avoid (by rolling or jumping or countering with your weapon) but deadly once hit. It’s probably because he’s trying to read you well before showing his actual game.

Key Note

So guys read this article carefully and beat Lynx in Shadow Fight 2 easily. If you have any more confusion, you can discuss it with me. Or you can use Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK All Weapons Unlocked which will help you to get all premium or future weapons in your arsenal. So, you can also download it if you are tired of passing through the bodyguards of the boss.

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