How To Beat Wasp In Shadow Fight 2

Wasp is one of the most difficult creatures to beat in Shadow Fight 2. If you’re having trouble defeating it, you’re not alone! This guide will teach you how to defeat Wasp in Shadow Fight 2 using its weaknesses.


Tips and Tricks To Defeat Wasp In Shadow Fight 2

Ready to take on a wasp? These tips will help you win the fight from Wasp in Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK.

  • First: Make sure to use a level 3 Kusarigama, War Hammer, or the Halberd weapon that is more effective against Wasp The wasp is especially vulnerable to fire, Super Weapons are also good but using a fire weapon is your best bet.
  • Second: Use quick and powerful attacks to take the wasp down as quickly as possible. Avoid slow, drawn-out combos, as the wasp can easily dodge them. You can practice it on Dojo.
  • Third: Always stay alert and focus on the fight. The wasp can easily sneak up on you and deliver a deadly blow of its perk if you’re not paying attention.
  • Fourth: Use level 3 armor i.e. Scorpion Armor and try to make headshots.
  • Fifth: Try to avoid Wasp’s attacks by mobilizing Shadow in the fight hall so, she does not have a chance to use her magic powers.
  • Sixth: Use long-range weapons like the spear or the bow and arrow to hit the wasp from a distance.
  • Seventh: Her weak points are her head and her wings. If you can manage to hit her in these areas, you will do significant damage.
  • Eighth: Don’t waste your energy on useless attacks. Keep on moving and attack Wasp when you can hit him hard like when she is attacking or finishing her attack.

Wasp Bodyguards in Act IV: Pirate Throne

  1. Kraken
  2. Cleaver
  3. Shark
  4. Bosun
  5. Whaler


No doubt Wasp is a difficult opponent so it is normal to constantly be busted by the Wasp. Try all the techniques and strategies I have shared in this guide and try again and again in the meantime and you will beat the Wasp and move on to chapter 6. You can also get rid of these bosses and choose your favorite and easy one to fight by downloading the SF2 Special Edition MOD APK from here.

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