How To Beat Titan In Shadow Fight 2

How to defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2 is the most asked question of new players as Titan is the toughest boss in the game. Titan conquered many worlds before he found the Shadow World. His method of invading a world is using his mind-controlled army from the previously conquered world. Then he controls the minds of people of the newly conquered world and adds them to his army. Bear with us to read more about Titans and get strategies to defeat him easily.

Titan’s Intro

Titan is the main Nemesis of Shadow Fight 2 Titan MOD APK. He is the conqueror of worlds and the final boss of the game. He first showed himself in the game intro but appears on the map after the Gates of Shadows are closed. The gate of shadows and the Shadow Energy belong to him.

He was very arrogant and offensive but acquired a large amount of knowledge. Titan uses Giant Sword in his extendable hand as a ranged weapon. He uses mind thought as his magic. In size, he was around about 1.5 times larger than other enemies. His special moves also include a headbutt and a ground stomp.

How to Defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2

One thing to remember is that Titan has a very strong regenerative shield that blocks damage and refills its usage every second and its normal attack will knock you down even if you are blocking. When you are far from his weapon’s range, he will control your mind and makes you weak. So, your attack becomes less dangerous. It is very difficult to dodge and defeat Titan in the game.


Talking about the appearance of Titan: he is a very tall, bald man in heavy, gold-trimmed black metal armor with electrical cables built into his body. He uses a giant sword named Titan’s Desolator. 

In the intro of the game, Titan is seen waving his sword but in his avatar, his sword is not visible. Titan is also seen holding a binding orb named Eternal’s Sphere.

As he was slow and unable to roll, jump, or duck his health was extraordinary and no one could easily cause heavy damage to him. When Titan defeats Shadow in any round, he laughs in a sinister manner. When he is defeated by Shadow in two rounds, he falls onto his knees, and on the final defeat, he blasts with a great explosion.

shadow and titan appearance

Let us first talk about weapons, I will suggest you use quick and short-range weapons such as batons, tonfas, and knives.

  • For enchantments, you have to use Frenzy, Time Bomb, Poisoning, and Bleeding. These enchantments have a great effect on Titan’s shield and they will not be neglected when Titan’s shield is on.
  • Next, I will suggest you use enchantments like Damage Absorption and Regeneration on the Armor. So by using these enchantments on the Armor, you will have a chance to tolerate those heavy damages and you can continue fighting without any restrictions.
  • Ranged Weapons and all types of Magic are useless if you get close to Titan. So, Keep your distance and you will get the victory.

How to Defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2 by these 3 Working Methods

Let us talk about the fighting strategy against Titan. 

Method 1

Keep attacking him so he will not get a chance to fight you back. This will sound strange but I recommend you to try this technique and you will get to know that it works on Titan.

Titan can not be knocked down because of his huge, gigantic body. Only a few moments of Stun will be applied with each successful hit on him. That is why I suggested this strategy as he will not get a chance to take a breath and he will continue to take damage until he gets defeated.

With the right style and a good amount of practice, you will be able to defeat Titan without any chances of losing. With this strategy, it is confirmed that you will 100% win the fight. This method does not need any gems but patience on collecting the Shadow Orbs and getting the right Enchantments, grind is real.

I hope that this technique will help those players who did not get a chance against Titan. We also have a guide about beating shogun easily in the game to complete the maps speedily.

Method 2

Let us talk about the second method to defeat Titan. Use Blaster Tonfas because of the enchantment don’t bother using the super slash just spam the normal slash and watch out for his sword because there’s a 90 percent chance life-steal enchantment will get you.

So, watch out for that and get the torturer’s rage because this can affect an 80 percent health drop.

Another thing is don’t use landmines they are pretty useless to get one you can throw I would get rotating spikes the low one because it’s pretty fast so if you get the chance to spam like your life depends on it and enchant it go with Bleeding Enchantment.

Method 3

First of all, enchant your weapons with enchantments like Bleeding, Poison, etc. As Armor, I’ll recommend Mercenary Vest because it has shielding, which can protect you from combo attacks. 

Secondly, enchant your helmet with Damage Return. This is for all the head hits you get, Titan gets damaged (depends on the level of your enchantments). 

Thirdly, for magic, use Torturer’s Rage. 

For throwables, you can keep any, but I prefer Dissecting Blade (for its bleeding enchantment). 


Here we have given you the main tips and even revealed the weak points of the titan that you can use and think of a strategy to win the fight. By reading our article carefully, you will get many tips and there are many chances even for the new player to defeat him at the first chance.

Read our article without skipping any point as each point is very important to understand your toughest enemy in Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK and create a strategy against him in your mind. So enjoy defeating Titan and you will be passed to the next round easily in Shadow Fight 2.

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