All Characters in The Eminence in Shadow [Tier List]

Are you delving into the captivating world of The Eminence in Shadow game and seeking insight into its eclectic array of characters? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unravel the depths of each character’s abilities, roles, and rankings, providing you with invaluable knowledge to enhance your gaming experience.


The Eminence in Shadow Characters [Complete List]

NoCharacter NameTierOverall RankRarityPvPPvETypeElementDescriptionImage
1Awakening Hour: ShadowSSSSSSSSSSOffenseGreenOne of the most powerful Legendary characters with massive abilities and stats. Exceptional dragon powers make it an outstanding choice.Awakening Hour: Shadow
2The Power In My Left: ClaireSSSSSSSSSSOffenseRedPossesses immense power with incredible sword-fighting style, making her an exceptional choice for battles.The-Power-In-My-Left-Claire
3The Master: ShadowSSSSSSSSSSOffenseBlueGreat ability to knock down enemies by distracting and riling them up. His weapon makes him truly incredible for efficient results in battles.the-master-shadow
4Imperfect Swordplay: AlexiaSSSSSSSSSSTankBlueImperfect-Swordplay-Alexia
5First Member: AlphaSSSSSSSSOffenseYellowOverall good character with decent abilities and skills, suitable as a filler if no characters from the above list are available.First-Member-Alpha
6Second Member: BetaSSSSSAOffenseRedAll-rounder character proficient in intelligence gathering with exceptional abilities, suitable for battles.Second-Member-Beta
7Snow-White Spirit: YukimeSSSSSSSOffenseBlueStrongest Cultist character with massive swordsman ability, reliable choice for battles with good base stats and skills.Snow-White-Spirit-Yukime
8Shadow in the Sun: AlphaSSSSSSSSOffenseGreenShadow-in-the-Sun-Alpha
9Fourth Member: DeltaSSSSSSSOffenseGreenFourth-Member-Delta
10Fifth Member: EpsilonSSSSASOffenseRedEfficient magic controller with great skills, suitable for overall great outcomes especially in the absence of magic-centered characters.Fifth-Member-Epsilon
11Perfect Angle!: EpsilonSSSSSATankRed
12Sixth Member: ZetaSSSSSSSOffenseGreenSixth-Member-Zeta
13Thankful Heart: AlphaSSSSSSSSSupportGreenThankful-Heart-Alpha
14School Rocks!: ZetaSSSSCATankBlueSchool-Rocks-Zeta
15Ruthless Instructor: LambdaAASSBBSupportRedRuthless-Instructor-Lambda
16Elf Swordmaster: BeatrixAASSSAOffenseBlueElf-Swordmaster-Beatrix
18Calamity Witch: AuroraAASSSBOffenseRedCalamity-Witch-Aurora
19Driven to Excellence: Rose OrianaAASSAATankRedDriven-to-Excellence-Rose-Oriana
20Rose’s Retaliation: Rose OrianaAASSABTankYellow
21Innate Sword: Iris MidgarAASSSAOffenseRed
22Run, Slime!: EtaAASSASOffenseRed
23Hottest Musician: EpsilonAASSBASupportGreen
24Eminence in Shadow: Cid KagenouAASBAOffenseBlueAbsolutely powerful all-rounder character with supreme martial arts abilities, reliable choice with outstanding stats.Eminence-in-Shadow-Cid-Kagenou
25Mischievous Witch: DeltaAASSBAOffenseYellow
26Sister in Summer: Claire KagenouAASSBSOffenseBlueSister-in-Summer-Claire-Kagenou
27Ocean Temptation: BetaAASSAAOffenseRed
28Queen of Luck: Alexia MidgarAASSBBSupportYellowQueen-of-Luck-Alexia-Midgar
29Vampire Progenitor: ElisabethBBSSBSSSupportRedVampire-Progenitor-Elisabeth
30Young Researcher: Sherry BarnettBBSSASSupportGreenYoung-Researcher-Sherry-Barnett
31Idolized Swordplay: Alexia MidgarBBSSBCOffenseGreen
31Experimenting Now: EtaBBSSCBTankYellow
33The Spy Life: ZetaBBSSABOffenseYellow
34Ideal Me!: EpsilonBBSSASOffenseBlue
35Small Predator: DeltaBBSSCSOffenseBlue
36Head of Mitsugoshi: GammaBBSSABOffenseRed
37Shadow Observer: BetaBBSSBBOffenseYellow
38Best-selling Author: BetaBBSSCBSupportYellow
39First of the Seven: AlphaBBSSCBTankBlueFirst-of-the-Seven-Alpha
40John Smith: Cid KagenouBBSSCSTankYellow
41Mundane Mann: Cid KagenouBBSSCCOffenseGreen
42NPC Technique: Cid KagenouBBSSCDTankGreen
43Remember Your Duty: ZetaBBSDAOffenseYellow
44Royal Escort: Alexia MidgarBBADBOffenseYellow
45Lazy Vampire: EtaBBSSBBSupportYellow
46Way of the Beast: DeltaBBSSCBOffenseGreen
47Spring Sword Dancer: AlphaBBSSBCOffenseGreen
48Clever Bunny: BetaBBSSCCOffenseYellowClever-Bunny-Beta
49Honor Student: AlphaBBSSCCOffenseBlue
50My Innocent Brother: Claire KagenouCCSSCBTankRed
51All in the Shadows: NuCCSSCCOffenseYellow
52Moonlight Shadow: ZetaCCSSCCOffenseRedMoonlight-Shadow-Zeta
53Training Hard!: GammaCCSSCCSupportYellowTraining-Hard-Gamma
54Experiments & Proof: EtaCCSCDOffenseBlueExperiments-Proof-Eta
55Perform Wisdom: EpsilonCCSDCOffenseRed
56Waiting for Boss: DeltaCCSDDTankGreenWaiting-for-Boss-Delta
57Elegance Now: EpsilonCCACDSupportRedElegance-Now-Epsilon
58Lovely Stories: BetaCCSCDOffenseGreen
59Garden Genesis: AlphaCCSCDOffenseGreen
60Incognito Date: Iris MidgarCCADDTankBlueIncognito-Date-Iris-Midgar
61Developing Products: GammaCCACCOffenseGreen
62Bright World: BetaCCACCSupportBlue
63Sibling Time: Claire KagenouDDADCOffenseYellow
64Subtle Romance: Sherry BarnettDDADDSupportYellow
65Master of Disguise: NuDDADDOffenseBlueMaster-of-Disguise-Nu
66Blessed: GammaDDSDDOffenseRed
67I Hunted It!: DeltaDDADDOffenseRed
68Shadow Encounter: AlphaDDADDTankRed
69Another NPC Day: Cid KagenouDDADDOffenseYellow
70Hidden Powerhouse: Cid KagenouDDADDSupportBlue
71Hidden Yearning: Rose OrianaDDADDOffenseGreen

Understanding the Tier System

Before we delve into the specifics, it’s essential to understand the tier system utilized in “The Eminence in Shadow.” Characters are classified into tiers ranging from SSS (Super Power) to D (Weak), based on their overall performance, stats, and potential. This tier system serves as a crucial tool for players to strategize and assemble formidable teams.

Exploring Tier SSS Characters

At the pinnacle of power lie the SSS-tier characters, boasting unparalleled abilities and dominance on the battlefield. Legendary figures such as Awakening Hour: Shadow, The Power In My Left: Claire, The Master: Shadow, and Imperfect Swordplay: Alexia reign supreme, each possessing unique strengths and invaluable contributions to any team.

Unveiling Tier S Characters

Tier S characters, while not reaching the pinnacle of power, still command tremendous respect and influence. From the formidable First Member: Alpha to the enigmatic Snow-White Spirit: Yukime, these characters excel in both offensive and supportive roles, ensuring victory in the most challenging encounters.

The Eminence in Shadow: Tier A Characters

In the realm of Tier A, characters exhibit exemplary prowess and versatility, making them indispensable assets to any team. Ruthless Instructor: Lambda, Elf Swordmaster: Beatrix, and Fighting Words: Aurora are among the distinguished individuals in this tier, showcasing exceptional combat skills and strategic acumen.

Tier B and Tier C characters, while not at the forefront of power, still offer valuable contributions to any team composition. Characters such as Vampire Progenitor: Elisabeth, Young Researcher: Sherry Barnett, and My Innocent Brother: Claire Kagenou occupy these tiers, each bringing their unique abilities and strengths to the battlefield.

Identifying Tier D Characters

Lastly, we encounter Tier D characters, who, despite their weaknesses, may still find utility in niche scenarios. Characters like Sibling Time: Claire Kagenou and Master of Disguise: Nu inhabit this tier, requiring strategic deployment and support to maximize their potential.


With this comprehensive overview of The Eminence in Shadow characters, you’re now equipped to navigate the intricate tapestry of abilities, strengths, and roles within the game. Whether you’re assembling a team for epic battles or unraveling the mysteries of the game’s narrative, understanding each character’s nuances is key to achieving victory and immersing yourself in the captivating world of The Eminence in Shadow.

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