Shadow Fight 3 Tips for Beginners – Now Win Every Fight

A fierce sword fight, mystical powers, and an engaging storyline are all featured in this iOS and Android-powered fighting Shadow Fight 3. The game demands careful planning and a lot of practice to become a great warrior.

Learn how to win battles and vanquish your opponents in Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK by heeding the advice in this tutorial. These shadow fight 3 tips will help you win every battle against difficult bosses.

Shadow Fight 3 Tips & Tricks

shadow fight 3 tips

Practice Makes Perfect

  • It’s crucial to become comfortable with your weapons, skills, and capabilities in Shadow Fight 3 combos. You must develop your fighting prowess before going into the fight in training mode.
  • Enter Training by pressing the three bars in the top left corner to practice your combat techniques against Gizmo. You’ll also need to fight a few duels if you want to level up your avatar and acquire better gear.

Shadow Fight 3 Tips in Details

  • Combo: Combo moves are crucial for eliminating opponents and beating teams in Shadow Fight 3. When the proper ability cards for an item are unlocked, you can use special moves.
  • Use Special Moves: You can use a special move in battle once you’ve attached an ability to your gear or weapon. Once you gain a new power, you might need to practice a little in training because occasionally the controls for using an ability are not obvious.
  • Use combinations: During combat, the controls for additional powers will appear on the screen. To overcome opponents in a duel, and to be able to receive greater benefits afterward, use combinations.
  • Use the right stance: Pay attention to your character’s stance and try to match it with your opponent’s. This will allow you to block their attacks more effectively.
  • Block and counter: Blocking is an important defensive technique in Shadow Fight 3. When you block an attack, you can follow up with a counterattack that can deal a lot of damage.
  • Use a variety of moves: Mixing up your attacks is key to keeping your opponent guessing. Use a combination of punches, kicks, and special moves to keep them on their toes.
  • Pay attention to your opponent’s moves: Pay attention to your opponent’s moves and try to anticipate what they’ll do next. This will allow you to react faster and land more effective counterattacks.
  • Use special moves wisely: Special moves can deal a lot of damage, but they also leave you vulnerable to counterattacks. Use them wisely and try to catch your opponent off guard.
  • Use the environment to your advantage: The stages in Shadow Fight 3 have interactive elements that you can use to your advantage. Look for opportunities to use the environment to your advantage, whether it’s by knocking your opponent into a wall or using a nearby object as a weapon.

Time Your Attacks

You must carefully time your attacks in the game if you wish to hit an opponent with a combination move. This can be more difficult to state than done, especially if an opposing combo is hammering you.

However, if you hold off until your competitor completes a move, you’ll have a better chance of hitting them when they’re off guard. Keep a close eye on your opponent and be ready to react to his actions.

Use Your Shadow Energy

  • Use Shadow Energy that your character uses to launch potent strikes and unique maneuvers. Your health bar is directly below the Shadow Energy bar. Push up the analog sticks and the Shadow Energy button at the same time to activate these strikes.
  • You can use stronger variations of your standard attacks. If you can hold off using your Shadow Power for at least Round 2, it will be there for you when you need it.
  • To avoid your opponent interrupting or stopping your Shadow move, make sure to take a step back when switching to Shadow mode.

Stand Still to Block

  • At first glance, it can seem counterintuitive, yet staying still during a battle is occasionally the best course of action. In Shadow Fight 3 Popular, being still will lead your character to block, preventing damage to yourself.
  • It can be tempting to button-mash in an attempt to avoid an opponent’s assaults, but if you develop the practice of staying still deliberately, you’ll be better able to reduce damage and get ready for your next strike.

Be Unpredictable

  • They will attempt to signal your moves just as you are trying to anticipate. When a skilled warrior notices you using the same combo again, they’ll strive to adapt to your tactics and defeat you. 
  • To prevent being predictable in the fight, try to blend high, middle, and low attacks. Additionally, this will speed up the process of filling your Shadow Energy bar.

Shadow Artison

  • In Shadow Fight 3, you can unlock card packs and chests to get new weapons and equipment with progressively better damage power. Although it’s simple to get into the habit of using the same weapon again, you eventually want to upgrade your armor and weapon to gear with better stats.
  •  You will be ready for the stronger opponents that appear in each quest and chapter if you do this.
  • Don’t forget to add new talents to your equipment when they become available.
  • You should be able to efficiently defeat opponents and win more battles in Shadow Fight 3 if you pay attention to the fundamental advice in this tutorial.

Take Aim At The Head

  • Criticals may be started by head hits. To win the fight, you must successfully avoid these hits. You will experience shock if you take a blow to the head. Your firearm will always drop when there is a shock impact. The Shock impact can also be added with throws.
  • Critical strikes are used to weaken the enemy’s defense and deplete some of their health.


One of the best one-on-one brawlers in the world is Shadow Fight 3. It has original mechanisms and creatures whose only aptitudes are mechanical. As a result, you become better at the game the more time you invest in it.

The game also has a well-designed AI system. To comprehend how the AI stops your move and to duplicate the same stats on the other end, you can employ the AI’s instruction.

Although rating up in this game is much harder than in others, you can make it work if you use these techniques and put in the necessary practice.

Do not forget to share this information with your friends who are interested in the game. Good Luck!

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